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  1. Ty @Hime, now can u fix the blood stones??? we have 2 months trying to get to upgrade clan skills but gludio castle doesnt drop it.
  2. Inventory Expansion Tickets

    in store with NCOINS, like the better items in game, with cash.
  3. Hi forum, i just want to help me to do a list of problems in game after the update of kamael. i can start with: - my clan cant join in clan arena, npc say "The arena is not open yet come back later". my question is clan arena was disabled? last time we did arena was last saturday one week ago. - Magical Tablet need 20 elemental particle to change x 1, really ? impossible to upgrade skils 76+, now u need 620 particles to get 31 magical tablet. - Blood Stones since 2 months ago doesnt appears in castle siege, so clans cant upgrade skills u dont know where to get it. - Elemental xp was decreased, why ? we dont know. - Rewards after 76+ (epic jewelry, xp buff, etc etc) was removed, in my case, i was save it for olympiads and GG all gone. - Olympiad with full buff and hp-cp Potions.... well nothing to add. - Weapons A runes before upgrade was 5 Gemstone A, now u need 105 Gemstone A to add runes, impossible. - I dont know if is with all bosses, but with zaken doesnt work some debuff... and Zaken is no more inside the ship, now appears outside.... why ? we dont know. maybe i forget many, so if someone have more, add in this post plz. TY @Hime @Juji pay attention to this post and fix it soon.
  4. A Grade Weapon & Runes

    108 gemstone A ????? loooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll before update 5 - after update 108 this server is crazy.......
  5. Elemental XP

    verify because counter elements was changed, now in wind plateu u upgrade fire element.
  6. ADMINS, why rewards lvl 76+ was removed ?????? i was saved that for olys and now i dont have anything..... bad update.... Second, what happend with blood stones ???? 2 months and nothings about that, i cant upgrade the skills of my clan thx to these updates.
  7. @Hime admin, about the drop of blood stones in gludio catle??? since more than a month npcs and chests arent dropping that item, my clan cant upgrade skills, that was reported 3 weeks ago and nothing.
  8. Hi, i have chars between 40-70, and the drop of this items are 80-99%. Second gludio Castle is a instance, they have to drop u. Third. Only gludio and aden castle Can drop u blood stones so is not a normal item and u cant find ít in monsters. Since two siege ago, npc and chest are not droping anything to anyone, that happend after the Last big update, so is wear.
  9. hi @Hime @Juji the bug of blood stones in chest and npc of gludio castle??? they are not droping anything, my clan cant upgrade the skills because noone in the game can drop these stones.... i reported that in a ticket a week ago and in the forum and nothing.
  10. Blood Crystals Bugged

    Hi ncsoft staff, i want to report a bug with the chests in gludio castle, since 2 sieges ago they are not dropping anything, so if that chest are not dropping wich is the new way to get that ? plz verify the drop of these chests. (in l2 wiki rate of drop are 88-99%). NPCs of gludio castle are not dropping crystals in siege time. im playing in Server Gludio. @Juji
  11. why in gludio castle chest are not dropping blood crystal ??? since the last update this is happening.... or wich is the new way to get these crystals. TY
  12. hhahahahahaha u are the best !
  13. hi, i just want to say this event sux and gludio knows that. https://ibb.co/jDPZMJ4 Gludio have less of 1k of online characters, and no one is going to spend money in this event. best try for the next event NCSOFT Bye bye
  14. Dear Staff of NCSOFT, how many time are they going to wait to do a merge between servers. Gludio with 900 players, really i dont understand why admins cant made a decision, they just want to wait to ppl leave.... really we need a solution now. NCSOFT do something now ! no more unnecessary updates of nothing.