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  1. @Hime admin, about the drop of blood stones in gludio catle??? since more than a month npcs and chests arent dropping that item, my clan cant upgrade skills, that was reported 3 weeks ago and nothing.
  2. Hi, i have chars between 40-70, and the drop of this items are 80-99%. Second gludio Castle is a instance, they have to drop u. Third. Only gludio and aden castle Can drop u blood stones so is not a normal item and u cant find ít in monsters. Since two siege ago, npc and chest are not droping anything to anyone, that happend after the Last big update, so is wear.
  3. hi @Hime @Juji the bug of blood stones in chest and npc of gludio castle??? they are not droping anything, my clan cant upgrade the skills because noone in the game can drop these stones.... i reported that in a ticket a week ago and in the forum and nothing.
  4. Blood Crystals Bugged

    Hi ncsoft staff, i want to report a bug with the chests in gludio castle, since 2 sieges ago they are not dropping anything, so if that chest are not dropping wich is the new way to get that ? plz verify the drop of these chests. (in l2 wiki rate of drop are 88-99%). NPCs of gludio castle are not dropping crystals in siege time. im playing in Server Gludio. @Juji
  5. why in gludio castle chest are not dropping blood crystal ??? since the last update this is happening.... or wich is the new way to get these crystals. TY
  6. hhahahahahaha u are the best !
  7. hi, i just want to say this event sux and gludio knows that. https://ibb.co/jDPZMJ4 Gludio have less of 1k of online characters, and no one is going to spend money in this event. best try for the next event NCSOFT Bye bye
  8. Dear Staff of NCSOFT, how many time are they going to wait to do a merge between servers. Gludio with 900 players, really i dont understand why admins cant made a decision, they just want to wait to ppl leave.... really we need a solution now. NCSOFT do something now ! no more unnecessary updates of nothing.
  9. one month after reported a full party bots with pictures and nothing...
  10. if u do that, 0 melee chars like daggers or another that alone is a shit...
  11. so we are not the same company NCSOFT?? why EU have another rates, why korea have another rates, i dont understamd that, and here we have the worst inimaginable rates to play a l2.....
  12. Gludio empty server

    agree in half not agree my friend, 4k of players in a server is not a dead server, giran have 5k+ and TI 4.5+, if u merge that ppl will be a queue again, ppl without vip plays in aden or gludio for that reason, doing that is throw back again like launch, ppl waiting to play, get bored and going to another server without queue. many ppl leave or stop playing because the server have low ppl, so 4k is nothing bad to play good. im playing in gludio, in im happy with 1.5k, but i want a merge, i want to see more people, i want more pvp, raidboss, etc, and im not going to start a new char because i have a life in the real world, i can play 24/7 and i dont use bots.
  13. STOP CRY..!!

    bULLSHIT MY FRIEND, if u have vip 4 maybe, but in two weeks 60? i have 3 months playing with vip 2 and without spend xp scroll, playing every day some hours and im 45.
  14. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    same opinion, they are going to update more things when at the moment we have many problems, @Hime we need a merge between Aden and Gludio server with the big update, that servers have only 1k of ppl, fix that plz !!! or siege will be nothing.
  15. still with login problem, so this update doesnt work to anything....