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  1. "I can confirm this is best update..." is sarcasm, right? do u mean is not the best....
  2. His improvements are from 2004 to problems from 2021. example: Gameguard after 2 years, so funny. Yep they work in that way.
  3. Sry but the answer is: Never. The good events do not come back, are the politics of NCSOFT. This game doesnt have a balanced end game, they just add and add more p2w items because they want only the money, not a healthy server. That is the reason why we dont have new players, just ppl doing reroll (whales) and servers with "light" status in his population. Have a good day.
  4. @Juji im agree with @Brothy, extend the time of the consumable items. we get hundreds of them and cant spend all in the same time.
  5. believe me, a new server with the same bugs and administration, no ty, will be like Essense that now will have 6 server... lol Essense is a fail.
  6. PD: this server doesnt have end game and balance, so this server is going everyday more to the hole, giran server is death and in TI top players are quiting, so bye bye to classic server WEST.
  7. nice @Jujibut u have to investigate the anniversary event and baium tower too, because your last event sux a lot, "server event" and only 1 player winning 15 times.... that are the problems that u have to investigate and fix.
  8. i want to share my situation @Juji @Hime first a gm accept my request of restoration, a few hours later i answer with "yes proceed" and few hours later a new GM come with a new answer saying that they changed their mind and the restoration will no longer be carried out. so Are GMs not serious people? Why do they try to put more and more obstacles in the way of players? Even the Gms no longer take the time to look at the cases, they simply copy and paste a booklet. We need a answer ! we need solutions ! we need a good server with a good administration !
  9. Same Issuu here, what do you NCSOFT play? do you want your players to leave, by making the typical dirty move of changing their policies when they want to. Now a ip restriction to restore ?? WTF. https://ibb.co/frfqrhN
  10. I will now show @Juji @Hime how unbalanced was this event was on the server, I know that this will not change anything because u are not a gm u are just a person that turn on the server and done, but the reality it will simply sink more a server where there is evidence of a total abandonment by its administration, causing it to become more lousy and without a future every day. 1- What was the result of the balance of the event? First I will not say nicks because the players are not to blame for playing and taking advantage of the mechanics of the server with these events, but what is clear is how incredibly unbalanced this allowed the server to be unhealthy because of the big gap in the difference between a casual player and a p2w player, giving a 1000% more advantage to the latter. A player who ends up with more than 100B in items just having played 30 minutes for 1 month is incredibly absurd, not even in almost three years of play a casual player can get close to 5B or 10B, and of course it is not just any player, as always these events tend to lean towards the top players and not a casual player (always tending to lean towards the wallet). i dont understand what are u thinking, this server just doesnt have end game, that is the reason why many top players quit because this game doesnt have competition, doesnt have content, doesnt have clearly events where do u know the chance rate of items, etc. EVEN A illegal server HAVE MORE BALANCE THAT THIS SERVER. ScoreBoard in Talking Island server Baium event: 1- player 1x15 (Armor Box+10 x3 / Baium 4 x6 / Talisman of Baium x1 ) > around 100B+- in items 2- player 2 x3 (Baium 4 x2) > around 20B+- in items 3- player 3 x3 (Weapon Box S+16 / Venir 24) > around 20B+- items 4- player 4 x2 (Venir 24) > around 20B+- items 5- player 5 x1 6- player 6 x1 (Baium 4) > around 10B+- items 7- Noone x2 2- The "free event" in the anniversay event was just a fake of advertising, u ask me why? i show u why: The top three and best prizes of the 17th anniversary Maestro box was: - masterbook box - Blessing Scroll - elixir powder After having opened more than 3k boxes I never received one of these prizes, evidencing the false publicity during the event or simply evidencing the lack of tests before the event. NCSOFT really? the only good event in the year is the anniversary event and u came with this trash ruining the server more and more. you do not deserve this community and simply with what is coming in the next few releases, NCSOFT will be left behind completely. thank you again for the waste of time, the disappointment, the lack of transparency, the inequality, the lack of adjustments, the lack of fixes, the lack of content and the lack of someone who really cares about the quality of a good server that calls itself "official". therefore, I don't care who is winning on this or any other server, their friends refrain from commenting against me because I simply don't care if it affects their finances and dominance of the server. PD: i want to know what happend in giran. Good day and good game for everyone.
  11. @Jujibe ready for may 19, im going to post the horrendous balance that u did with this event, same for the f2p event of the 17th anniversay Maestro box with his phantom rewards, awesome even the f2p loot boxes have the worst % of the history.
  12. im agree, plz follow this post just to do one voice. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/21423-baium-event-as-anniversary-event/ Ty.
  13. in Ti at moment is: 1 player with 5 boxes (2 baium rings lvl 4 and 3 armor box +10) and counting and there are still 19 days left of more "Balanced Event" for the 99.9% of players in the server with temporal dolls 30 days.
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