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  1. So no macro?

    Finally, after a year and 3 months, an admin do something for the game after the voice of all the forum, TY admin and now u have many bugs additional to fix in this server. this is the way to help the game to grow up again, hear your players ncsoft, plz hearrrrrr
  2. So no macro?

    well patch notes removed from the news of game page, be ready for more news !
  3. So no macro?

    why im not surprised, we did a post with the notes of this patch, we knew that this patch sux, and now they removed the auto macro, the only one thing that the legitimed player can do for leveling to 76+ and try to fight with bot players lvl 84 85. so sad NCSOFT, really u dont care the players of this game. i said in another post, every upgrade is worsth and worsth, now real players cant farm, cant enjoy the event....
  4. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    plz dude, we are not kids of 10 years, we know read.... we know that in classic items R110 doesnt exist..... ppl like u are still paying to this server for worst and worst updates every week.
  5. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    People, this company doesnt know about his game, these admins of west doesnt know what is happening in game, they just make updates from korea and anymore, they never try to fix anything, since the begging of this server we have many and many of bugs and problems and they never fix that, new update means new problems and more bugs, the update means that the few things that are right must be ruined, its all. every "mega update" is worst and worst. so sad how the "official" server of lineage 2 classic is the worst server of the world, really....
  6. Current Update/Next Update

    excellent post ! add the items to upgrade clan skills, evolutions elemental stones 0 drop, etc etc. this "oficial classic" have many bugs and problems and with new updates are worst and worst, i dont care p2w events but things like the rate of spoil to free players and other items that they never fixed in 1 year, made this game and staff the worst of the history.
  7. blood stone fixed???? evolution stone drop fixxed???????? how many months more to fix these importants items.
  8. agree and this topic is old, this is the second season of dragon pendants and the game is still here.... so dont worry for p2w items.
  9. banned

    banned again stanx ?? plz unban him, he makes us smile all the day
  10. Raid Bosses after the last update

    In a year, they never fix the bugs... now this game have 123123123213 bugs and they dont care, so sad this company.... so sad how a classic game go to the trash. another example blood crystals..... my clan have 50k+ of reputation but we cant upgrade any clan skills because that items doesnt exist now...
  11. Anniversary event

    agree... is the worsth aniversary celebration.... 4 hours of buff wow..... meanwhile 2 events of p2w items..... more power to the rich player....
  12. are u a WOW player???? the base of this game is the PVP, if u want to kill a p2w player will never happen, in my server one bot player lvl 84 with full A items +++++++++ and pw2 items lvl 10 killing more than 20 players, do u think that is a good game?? lol.... and to finish, how many money have u spend in this game??? 10k ? 20k???
  13. TOI with no agro

    my friend, even with bots i dont care, i want a good place to farm items grade B when the top Clans are farming items S, so it doesnt care, i want to play to upgrade my clan. i want a site to farm B items with a best% of drop. in a preview update they did that with cruma tower, why dont do that with toi??. Toi have B grade items drops, without RB or Baium, so B grade in this moment are the base items for a normal player or clan in the game (top Clans have B+++, A or even S). And i want to add, macro in this place is a crazy, for that is my request, u cant do macro because all are cooperative, all are agro, so if u have a DC with a char, all ur party will die in seconds, now, u have to farm in this site Toi8+ with a full part 76+ to try to get spoil or normal drop, so is insane and unless, even the bots dont farm here because they know is a trash site, but us the normal players we have to work more to try to get a B grade item for a lvl 76+ char. why we have to work more and more than a ilegal bot??
  14. @Hime @Juji In a future could have TOI with not agros???? the drop rate is a trash and we cant made auto macro because all the mobs have agro and cooperative, can u change that like cruma in a preview update ???? TOI have top B drops and look the most hard site to farm it. ty
  15. critical craft

    yes in third class dwarft can learn 2 skills: one is 5% of critical craft and other skill of 5% craft success.