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  1. update: event is working in this moment, npc appeared. now: why in this event just give 3 cards when in the same event the last years they gave 6? @Juji @Hime https://www.lineage2.com/news/15th-anniversary-orianas-lucky-draw 2019 - 6 cards by char https://www.lineage2.com/news/orianas-spooky-draw 2019/2 - 6 cards by char https://www.lineage2.com/news/orianas-lucky-draw-september 2020 - 6 cards by char. 2021 - 3... lol another kick to l2 players.
  2. true, is my fault too but how i say, they always give some days more to remove an item after the end of the event date. In this case, no.
  3. Totally agree. Unprofessional consistence policy (they saw that they was losing money and changed again), bad server administration (they dont know what is happening with the commerce, mobs, players, skills, etc and bugs from october 2017 still unfixed), f2p events with trash rewards (3 years of server and they still give d to b grade rewards when the items doesnt have penality). So i dont understand why they open another "update discussion" post if they dont fix or change anything. The last bad change was to remove the random loot of lcoin, why? we dont know. 2021 will be a year wit
  4. agree, i dont understad why if ncsoft always assign a date to remove event items, in this case the remove 12 hours later of post this notes without any previously (days) notification. That happend too with the rewards of lvls, when in a time lvl 80+ give epic jewelry lvl 1 (30 days) and like always, in a new update the remove that witout any previously notification. NCSOFT gives half informations in his patch notes.
  5. @Juji @Hime Hi, i saw a bug when i was cooking the pack of 50 cooking ingredients with the npc "older sister", when i pick the option "cook for me" u see two probabilities: high and low, now here is the problem, sometimes when i try to exchange my 50 ingredients it fails and i dont won anything, but i dont understand, why if exist two probabilities, why in high option i loset my items ??? is not 100%?? ty
  6. dont spend your time in tickets because the pk system is legal in this game and is a part of the game, just take a beer, change of spot and wait if someday l2 do something for his server.
  7. my friends Beppler and minions, here the problem is not the player, is the system, the server. all who plays l2 knows about pk system and understand that, but the last updates changed all the essense in a sh**t, every update is worst and worst trying to "fix" the gameplay in the server, and of course, all the changes are always to improved the gameplay of fews, like the PVE zones. In This moment lvl 85+ zones are only for whales who can kill there without problem, so dont wait that the another 95% of players just saw how u play and anothers cant do it. second, this problem of over abuse
  8. yes i can confirm something. answer: 0.000000000 changes or fixes and like 10 new p2w items that noone said. good day.
  9. That is the new way to play in l2 now, lvl 90 chars full whales with 1k pks points and they can do what ever in the server because even an ally cant kill him, no penality, cheap pk scrolls in the store, no time use penality for that items, this server looks like a illegal server, is the reality of ncosft NA. and the last best idea of the game, no pk drops.... omg.... the essense of l2 classic in this server is just a *******.
  10. how do u know that less than 1% of server spend more than 1k dollars at month or in events??? easy, see in TI or Giran how only 1 char can kill more than 50 chars in pvp at the same time.
  11. agree, dont demand to ncosft for better % because that want to get more money with more chance of fails, in two years of server and after a post of "quality of life changes" of hundreds of post and nothing change and nothing fixed since day 1 of server, u can saw that they dont want to change anything to improved the quality of game, just want to catch more whales in every event every 15 days.... why they changed the politics of restorations ???? easy... they was losing money. Good Day and Good Game.
  12. @Jujithank you for your answer. i was leveling in the top floor of garden of eva, in the area where is similar to a pool and you can find mobs inside. i was there more than 24 hours and 0 event item drop.
  13. hi @Juji @Hime why in garden of eva mobs are not droping event items??? admins can check that? thank you
  14. lolololol @Pandalicious the average person in the game dont spend more than $100 USD at month, lol with $500 dollars at month i could be vip 10 and top Char with top top full items. 5% of the server spend $100+ dollars in this game, and like less of 1% spend $500+ is the reality of this game, that is the reason why a only 1 top char can kill a complete ally of 20-30+ chars with two hits. Why people get upset with % of p2w items, all knows that NCSOFT West is more expensive than other regions and they only want money and more money before fixes and great updates in the server for the casua
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