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  1. YumYum and NomNom Candies

    dude u can buy it, so what is the problem? i saw many sellers of that, just spend some adena and done.
  2. in the top list of posts u can see a post created by admins to talk about same topic, so use that and dont create another. just stop here and close. ty
  3. the problem is not the anti bot system, is the in game admnistration of the GMs, if they just log in 1 hour at day and go to the newby town, they can see and ban a lot of bots.
  4. Do Mark of Journeys stack?

    dont stack, only works the highest.
  5. This Event is Awful

    welcome to the events of NCSOFT where they want to give more items to the top player of the server and a joke to another players. Come one NCSOFT, the essence of an event is the balance of the players, not make a event just for one guy that have 30k dollars in his char and you think that a casual player 60+ can win.... thank you for give 2 weapons A each day for two weeks to Bleeper in TI. If u want to do a real event for a server make the reward random to the participators, bleeper takes 5 seconds to get 5 stars.... this event is a joke, if u want to give more items to the top player of the server, just send him the items to his mailbox and done. NCOSFT make 1 good event and 5 very bads events every time, like every updates that they call "BigUpdate" ..
  6. Revenge System

    the solution is avoid the revenge for players who kill a pk player, because if u kill a pk player, he can find u by revenge system.... im agree to add more days to players with pk status.
  7. @Hime @Hime the new politics of Pk system is only for live servers? because we need new politics here in classic, is an urgent change, some players are over abusing the pk scrolls. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18555-pk-system-changes-632020/
  8. is a good idea, then avoid the sell of PK scrolls in the game store, or add any restriction of buy or use like was at the beggining, believe me, i saw a guy lvl 84 making pk to 10 players lvl 80 (of course they cant kill him) and 10 seconds later he buy 10 pk scrolls and use it and all is ok again, so for me that is a item abuse of a game store item. At the begging of pk scroll u could buy only 1 by day, now is not limit of buy and use, this situation is going to be an over abuse items. now u ask me why over abuse?? because is a item that u can get only with nccoins, its mean is a p2w item, is not a casual item that u can get in game farming o with a quest, is an unbalance.
  9. @Juji @Hime i have a recommendation please evaluate it, can you change the the conditions of pk scroll and pk map system? i mean in this moment u can see a pk char if he have more than 4 or 5 pk, but u cant see the pk chars with 1 pk point, why? because this players buy a lot of pk scrolls in game store, and just they make pk to another char and later use a scroll and is all done.... so i think that the conditions to buy or use a pk scroll have to change because im seeing an overabuse for that item. i saw a guy made pk 5-6 times and later use 6 scrolls and done... all ok again, when the pk system was one of the important things in the game because u can drop your items if someone kill u, but now pk system is a broken system for that people with his overabuse. some ideas is put a restriction of use for 1 scroll pk for 24 hours or every 72 hours or every week, and of course the condition for to see a pk in map have to be from 1 point. another question, what happend whit the system that make u drop if a mob kill you ??? that is no working in this server, but in clan skills u have a skill to avoid that, but it is not working, because u never drop by a mob.
  10. no agree, they have to finish it now, all the people enchanted a mage weapons and now are overpriced, so the market need to get a balance again, sry for the people who not got lvl 80 but in the future u are going to have more events and more items, u can get the talisman in game with other way.
  11. Agree, no more time to the event, prices of mage weapons are overpriced, so let it finish it.
  12. @Juji Juji can u check the system of pk in map, because today i saw a PK in aden town and doesnt appear in the map window. Or this system have conditions?? Thank you
  13. excelent change Juji !, lvl 40 and 50 RB was for one or two guys with 60 toons killing a RB only for he. this is the only way to get a real PVE RB, not a guy killing a RB lvl 75 alone... Classic is great for RB for group events, was a good idea upgrade the lvl to 85, now u have to do two things: first the attack and hp of RB, does not have to be high, and two, the debuff, since the update of KAMAEL you cant see the debuff in mobs and that was a very very bad idea, and u cant debuff a RB.
  14. @Hime @Juji we need events with clan items, Blood crystals are near of imposible, just with clan arena one time every week and with % of drop from chest is a trash, we need a best way to get this item, i have a year trying to upgrade the clan skills and nothing... another good event is red libra, we need more times of this event and upgrade the items to sell, we need advance and stable enchants for D, C and B items, so make that items available for NPC to sell in this event, believe me is the only way to get this items.