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Classes discussion?


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In my eyes it looks unprofessional & too generic and does not even fit the game, its like you copy-pasted the entire class dicussion & did not bother changing them afterwards.

Why call it "Knights" when tanks have literally been called a tank in this game since the start?

Same with rouges, no one has ever called their dagger a "rogue", im almost willing to bet my gear on that.

Same with wizard, who calls themselves a "wizard"? everyone says "mage/nuker".

While "technically right" since theyre called Sigel Knight, Othell Rogue, Feoh wizard etc.. it looks out of place & wrong when you remove their class designation (tyrr, othell, yul, sigel etc) cause it simply does not "follow the game", as said, open party rooms ingame once and look at the party rooms, i guarantee no one will say "looking for rogue" "looking for wizard" "looking for knight" "looking for warrior" and so on, so why should the forum be different? its a media for the game afterall.

Also, sayha seer is nothing like a feoh, same as eviscerator is nothing like a tyrr, if they need advice they shouldnt have to go through dozens of forum threads before they find information for their own class.


Why not just rename it to "Sigel Knight" "Yul Archer" etc, aswell as add a separate forum for eviscerators & sayha seers.

Admittedly unawakened characters will have nowhere to post then, but no one would be hanged if a Paladin made a thread in the Sigel Knight forum.



PS. I am unable to open "Rogue" & "Wizard" section of the forum, I assume same for everyone as there are no posts there.
"Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content.Error code: 1F176/3".

Although "Archer" works fine, and it also have no posts.

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A minor point to add, but it would make things more convenient if the classes were arranged in a physical/magical sequence, like in the index of the NCKorea Powerbook Wikipedia:
Tyrr Warrior
Sigel Knight
Yul Archer
Othell Rogue
Feoh Wizard
Sayha's Seer
Wynn Summoner
Aeore Healer
Iss Enchanter

If you feel like it, put the Ertheia classes together at the end :)


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