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What is the difference ??!


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Good morning/evening all

recently, i knew about the dimensional treasure chest and its benefits

but in some places, i found something called Dimensional door.(floating blue ball) and whenever i press on nothing happens, Only shows to me (the dimensional door shines harmlessly)

could anyone explain to me please. 

Thanks in advanced & excuse my E

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That Dimensional Door, which spawns from a Dimensional Treasure Chest, leads to a one-person instance. There is a maximum number of those instances, either 7 or 14 (it has possibly changed over time):

If somebody took in a whole party before you arrived, you can't enter any more. The only thing you can do is wait until they come out again and hope that the Dimensional Door has not despawned by then (it usually stays up around 3 minutes).

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Those doors (there are several of them dotted all over the area) were used to summon a mini boss from a different dimension in a quest line that started at lvl 82 with "Winds of Change" from Gatekeeper Flauen in Heine. The starter quest still exists, but the one that uses the Dimensional Door has been removed in favor of the Dragon Valley Kekropus Quests. Now the doors are just a decorative element in the landscape :)

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In fact something will happen next year. On May 23 Korea time lvl 108 Crofin have used those doors to escape from the Dungeon Dimensions and invaded the Fields of Whispers and Silence:


The green title of the Water Drake on the screenshot says "Fafurion's Follower". Get ready for the Water Dragon xD

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