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Enchanting Scrolls


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On 8/5/2020 at 1:29 AM, Get2ThePoint said:

Once upon a time you could get EWR by doing Group Kartia 95, but I think they replaced the EWR with EAR, or made it a very low chance to get. There are a few of those type daily "boss" instances where EAR drop. That's about it.  

@hi5 They still drop from all 3 group Kartia bosses with 100% chance, in fact you always get 4 drops from the Kartia bosses: an EWR or EAR, (depending on the boss) a R/R95 weapon or armor fragment, a weapon or armor recipe and 1 to 3 Elcyum powders.

Beside this, the two "easy" Lv 97 Raid Bosses Houpon and Crook at the Guillotine Fortress drop EAR or EWR with 100% chance always. These two spawn daily but at random times.

Kimerian (Normal & Epic) instances, Spezion instance and the forgotten Raid Boss Apherus @ Garden of Genesis platform area drops them too. Apherus is at the area where there isn't any Blessing of Garden statue, the "top" area.

Orbis Temple Level 3 has a long list of Lv 97 Raid Bosses that drop EARs/EWRs but the rate is pretty low I think. Daily spawn as well.

You can also get many EARs/EWRs from crystallizing armor/weapon pieces respectively..

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