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Tower of Insolence Stone Removed from L2 Store


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  • L2 Team

Hello All,

The Tower of Insolence Lower Levels Recharge Stone has been permanently removed from the L2 Store due to the upcoming Tales Untold changes below to this timed hunting zone:

Changed the recharge time available for certain special hunting zones:

Hunting zone

Before Change

After Change

Storm Isle

300 Min

120 Min

Primeval Isle

300 Min

120 Min

Isle of Souls Stronghold I

300 Min

120 Min

Tower of Insolence Lower Floors

300 Min

0 Min

The remaining Tower of Insolence Recharge Stones can still be used from 8/10 until 9/16.

Tower of Insolence Recharge Stones will be deleted on 9/16.

Thank You!

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