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Newbie taking the summoner path, questions (updated)


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1.  I notice that they cats you summon can't be summoned again for a long time.
For beginners still learning their class what do we do if the cat dies before we can summon it again?
And does this change at higher levels?

Never mind, I just got to warlock and I see now that the cooldown isn't an issue any more.

2.  I read that human summoners use physical stats to increase the power of their cats, how does this work when levelling as a caster at low levels?

(I think I know the answers now but I'll keep this topic in case I want to ask something else later. D:)

3.  What is a human summoner's role in a party?
I think we're best when in a group of warriors and rogues(?) because of feline queen's buffs.
Is that true or is that old information for older versions of the game?

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What u mention on 3. concerns older version of the game. Cat buff is helpful in very rare occasions as it doesn't stack with sonatas.

Atm Wynn summoner is a cheap macro farming machine (for lower lvls)!


It scales terribly late-game and u need tons of gear to be able to even compare with other DDs. Most grps won't welcome u (high level instances or factions) especially if u are medium geared. It is one of the worst choices 100+ at the current state of the game alongside with Duelist/Maestro.

With SoS buff+some decent gear u may farm Kartia/Kama duo/trio.


Mass pvp is out of the question, mby some 2v2 or 3v3 can be fun. Oly wynn is another story.


My opinion, if i may, make any class that u want to try as a main (healer for example is a good pair with wynn), lvl it to 85 and then make Wynn as a dual class. In that case if u really wanna try it u will have the change to change it someday if u dont like it!




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