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Buff bug ?


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@Juji @Hime I was playig my Duelist (76) this morning and I noticed weird thing using Sayha's Buff scrollls:

My HP without buffs:


This is with Sayha's buffs:

As you can see HP's went down almost by 2k  points I was tracking what does it and it appears to be Berserker Spirit, altho there is nothing about -% of HP's in description.


So I went to get my hiero to rebuff it with normal Berserker Spirit:


And not only that HP went back, it increased by a bit >.< Now I'm totally confused is this how it should work ??

My Duelist has (- CON + DEX, +STR) dyes.

Can you please clarify , if it's just bug or is it how Sayha's should work.



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It is a long-term problem/bug. I think this bug is here, from they give us Sayha's scroll. 

I made ticket about it and NCsoft answer me something like, they will investigate it. Still w8ing :) Just cancel zerk and play without it. 

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