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Isle of Souls Adena amount


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Helo @Juji @Hime and dear community,

Because there are a lot of discussions around this someone from the community needs to tackle this as NC West is either incompetent or malevolent.

l2wiki was referenced multiple times by Juji in the past so i am also going to do it now.

as per that website, the adena amount drop rate for ios mobs is 100.000 to 120000 adena per mob and that is exactly what we have now.

what some of us also pay for is prestige pack. the prestige rune increases adena amount by 300% additional so if we take the 120k per mob example we will ger120k + 300% x 120k = 480k per mob

In ios there is also a trigger buff that increases the adena ammount per mob 2x sometimes and for a limited time, this is also by game design

so keeping the example above it is 480k x 2 = 960k per mob.

This is EXACTLY WHAT WE HAVE NOW so the adena ammount drop ammounts in ios are correct 100k to 960k per mob, depending on prestige and trigger.

Any modification NC West does is to alter the game design and make it harder for people to get adena in game.

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