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Caster to Retri = Lower M Attack ?


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6 minutes ago, KingNothing said:

well, it might be because on the second print you dont have empower echo on?

Thank you my friend! I ported from out of town so I had Empower echo on. Very unfortunate it run out, and of course although it shows auto self buff on, it wasn't casted! Thank you so much! I was going insane! Solved! Cheers ! 

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10 hours ago, Boukos said:

@Juji Acabei de mudar meu +14 BLoody Caster para +14 Bloody Retri. Para minha surpresa, perdi quase 150K M de ataque. Como isso é possível? Por favor, verifique meu personagem para bug. 


http://prntscr.com/uad0zc   (Caster = ataque de 982K M) 

http://prntscr.com/uad26x  (Retri = ataque de 830K M) 

Exatamente os mesmos buffs e itens, apenas mudou a arma. 

Why is your M atak so low?

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