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Why not?


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@Juji @Hime is just a suggestion , the most of the people play l2 knows that RTMs and bot destroying the game and ppl prefer to buy items in real money or adenas once is pretty hard especially for a newcomer to gather Adena to hear up, I am just asking!


Why not you ppl in VIP system put Adena drop rate ? Next to drop rate? This way ppl will spend their money to ncwest and not to a voter , leave no VIP ppl with the half rate of Adena drop like it is and put 50% drop rate for vip1 100% for VIP 3 10% for VIP 5 300% or more for VIP 10 this is just an example , so ppl buy kcoins to spend so they can farm and put a bit more pve dmg so ppl can go and farm in higher area's, I so ppl farm in Cruma with 5bill Adena gear wtf....

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