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Caster and Buster


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  • 5 weeks later...

There is no point anymore, just legacy items. They should automatically convert the following items into retributers:

  • Antharas Buster
  • Lindvior Caster
  • Valakas Caster/Buster
  • Akamanah/Zarich Caster/Buster

These items are too much expensive to be transformed into legacy items.

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  • 3 months later...

Hands down you want the Retributer. 

But there are slight differences in the weapons, if you look at the additional enchant bonuses that each gives you. For example, a Krishna Buster gives you more M. Accuracy and  M. Skill Power  when enchanted higher than +4.  A  Krishna Caster gives more M. Accuracy and Casting Speed. A Krishna Retributer gives you more M.Atk and M. Skill Critical Damage. 

Try for the Retri, but if for some reason you can't get one, or your only  option is a choice between an OE buster and a OE caster, get the buster for the M. Skill power boost. When Red Libra happens you can change it to a retri.

The weapons also differ in terms of inherent crit rate and speed, but I believe that applies only to the physical attack aspect of the weapon -- which is too bad. It would be nice if they changed the speed of the weapon to coincide with the skill cooldown time, meaning the faster the weapon speed, the faster you refresh your magic skills.

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