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Special ability on Weapon for Ghost Hunter


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My case: I have a +8 Angel Slayer and 1 Super Othell 11. I intend to allply that Super Othell 11 on my weapon, and it shows 2 option: P.Crit Rate +352 and Success Attack Rate on Vital Points +31%.

The point is, if I don't misunderstand, Focus Death of Ghost Hunter (Level 78) give +40% Success Blow Rate. While with Dagger equipped, Critical Rate buff Level 3 and Hunter's Song, I reach to 354 P. Crit Rate (155 without Buff and Song).

I really confuse to choose which option to apply. If choose Othell Focus (+352), I am able to reach to Max 500 P. Crit Rate without buff Critical Rate level 3 and Hunter's Song, so I can hunt very well without a Singer. If I choose Othell Mortal Blow, I can increase probability of success blows but it may be useless in case Ghost Hunter with Focus Death has enough probability of Success Blow Rate.

I don't intend to apply Yul rune due to I don't have one and Yul gives not much Crit Damage.

If anyone - Pro Ghost Hunters - have experienced two these option, can give some advices on this???

Thank you in advanced!!!

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18 minutes ago, Gjrion said:

No Advice???? So Sad !!!! :(

Some sage people think some other people here ask questions for relate their lives,is so sad but is the reality. Happens to me on this forum. As for your questions,sorry i have no idea.

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I got an advice from a High Master of Ghost Hunter Class in NA Giran, who has been experienced this class for more than 5 years.

He told me that there 3 different SAs which should be useful for each Dagger Class:

 - Adventurer should get Othell Mortal Blow.

 - Wind Rider should get Yul Critical Damage. (this SA is cheapest at all) 

 - Ghost Hunter should get Othell Critical Focus.

I write here to share this experience to anyone who intends or is playing any Dagger Class.

And thank to High Master who teaches me valuable experience ( in his will, his name won't be showed here)

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