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can you tell me some tips for exp spot for afk exp with party?

Now my exp spot is Patriots, with event every char gets 120-140 k exp, Elemental zone is about 180-250 k, is something place better for afk farm, the best with drops. 

TOI, Varka, Ketra / Varka is too hard for afk.

It seems to me that there are very few options.

(WC 79, Bish 79, SWS 79,TANK 79, BD 79, SUM 79, Dest 79, Dest 80) 

Thanks for reply

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It mostly depends on your gear, from what i see you have 2 melee dps and 1 summoner (i assume human for the cat buff). Up to level 84 you got 3 options(unless you got 30b in gear and mages), Catacombs, Elemental Zones or Giant's Cave. Giant's Cave requires good gear and im not sure how well it will work with melees, i have only been there using mages.

Either stay at catacombs if you want drops or move to elemental zones if you want faster exp. As you said there really arent many options.

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