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  1. Market Prices Website?

    For your first question, you will find the website if you go to giran and look for a dwarf running around (hint: its the dwarves name). For your second question, to have the pet attack during autohunt, double click on your pet to bring up the pet menu, go to the pet skills and drag the skills you want to use in your skill bar and right click them.
  2. PK system and BOTS

    Let me add to the above statements which btw are absolutely true the following. - The flagging system is being abused. There should be an option to turn off PvP so people cant flag your afk groups. - Remove adena drops from lower level mobs, maybe up to level 50 or 60, and buff the adena drops of mobs after that proportionately to the difficulty level. It is insane that a LoA Karik drops 2-3k adena and some lvl 25 trashmob from Abandoned Camp drops 400 adena. This way all bots will be gone the next day. Normally what i would expect by farming with my main party in very difficult mobs with end game gear would be to make back what i spend on consumables and also make a decent profit. What happens now is everyone needs to run 20 alt characters farming low level trash to fund soulshots for main group. - PK-ing should be something that has consequences and not something that you casually do. All this new system has to offer is to promote abuse and toxic behavior. In what world does it make sense for someone to PK entire groups for fun while they farm and continue doing it all night without any consequences (if they die they dont drop anything). - New clan enemy system is being abused, it needs to be reverted back to how it was. If you check most top players are currently clanless, i think you can understand why.
  3. There arent many options with your setup in order to exp in a steady pace except for elemental zones. Most other options require better gear and or soulshot usage. Unfortunately archers are not very good in this version of Classic especially without using soulshots. Just to make an example, a mage with similar gear and fully buffed can do much more damage without soulshots than any archer. Maybe try going to normal mobs in upper giant's cave, i cant think of any other places that would possibly work.
  4. Party exp

    It mostly depends on your gear, from what i see you have 2 melee dps and 1 summoner (i assume human for the cat buff). Up to level 84 you got 3 options(unless you got 30b in gear and mages), Catacombs, Elemental Zones or Giant's Cave. Giant's Cave requires good gear and im not sure how well it will work with melees, i have only been there using mages. Either stay at catacombs if you want drops or move to elemental zones if you want faster exp. As you said there really arent many options.
  5. New pvp or new grief?

    Im just speechless for the lack of common sense displayed by ncsoft with this particular update, to elaborate: 1) Killing someone unprovoked should always inflict a penalty, otherwise people can go on mass pk rampages just because they are bored and mess up with the gameplay of others. 2) Moreover killing someone at a lower level than you should inflict bigger penalties depending on the level range. 3) Depending on karma levels severe debuffs should be inflicted on players making it a chore to clear the karma and also making them useless to continue on their pk-ing. 4) Depending on karma people should drop stuff, period. Making pk characters have no drop penalty if killed by another player just allows grieving. 5) This new system with people declaring wars without the other party having any input whatsoever and moreover making the players that autofarm essentially autoflag is plain and simple bad design that promotes grieving and not actual gameplay. 6) The game is already heavily neutered because of multi-boxing and soloing, being part of a clan that actually had some real active clan war or real endgame rivalry just got thrown out of the window since people cant safely autohunt anymore thus noone in his right mind will participate in a clan. Already most top players are clanless. I must say this must be a global first for complete incompetence concerning repercussions caused by a game change. 7) Most importantly, the forum is flooded with threads all saying the same thing as this thread, why dont we have an official statement about the situation? Are they willing to at least discuss and maybe optimize the current changes to something that makes sense? Alot of people are currently considering to quit for a while after the exp event ends to see how things turn out. Please elaborate on this situation and what can we expect moving forward. 8) Lastly, theres a huge thread called Feedback, theres dozens of improvements that are logical and most of them easy to implement in order to create a better game environment for everyone and also make people happy to spend more. Why on earth would you "fix" something that noone ever asked and break the game in such a way when you could just add anything else or even do nothing and there would be no problem. If this was some update done by Korea for some uknown reason and was out of your power to control it, you seriously need to have better understanding of the game mechanics between your teams.
  6. Your only bet would be to try out catacombs, i dont think your setup can take you anywhere else. Also i dont think your party setup makes sense, archers are expensive to run with Soulshots, if you dont use soulshots they dont deal much damage. It would be a much better idea to have 1 damage dealer but fully utilized with soulshots and gear than to have alot of characters dealing low damage.
  7. how to deal with those big bois xD ?

    Most people have pk characters near their farming spots which they will log just to kill you. They wont risk dropping expensive gear.
  8. how to deal with those big bois xD ?

    This is something like an unwritten rule, most good spots are claimed by top players/clans and are used for their alts to farm adena etc. Unless you have some backup or serious firepower you will be forced to leave.
  9. Theres no way to exp sustainably after level 80 in party spots unless you got very very good gear in which case you could farm at Giant's Cave. I made like 30-40m adena per day there with full party and could pay for shots of 2 nukers and spirit ores for buffer and had some adena to spare. But as i said it's very hard to autohunt there unless your gear is very good, Shooters can 1-shot you with a critical anytime. The other option is to do elemental zone normal mobs without shots/spirit ores but exp will be slow and you will make no incomes. Ketra/Varka/IT/DV/LoA/ToI is impossible unless you are full p2w items/epics etc. My suggestion is to focus on getting some good gear for your nuker and slowly try your way towards giant cave.
  10. I agree this is like having a second stackable Zaken and Orfen earring combo lol
  11. I bet this is an error, they forgot to remove it from the random craft list when updating the system with live. Please do not buy or trade this item till we get an official statement on whats goin on.
  12. Market is dead

    I agree with this assessment. Lets hope they wake up and do something that makes sense for once to reinvigorate the server.
  13. Private Store 6 items

    or just make another account and you have infinite slots.
  14. First time in classic

    Depends on what you mean F2P friendly. If you just want to casual play and take your time it is possible to play with minimal real money investment. If you want to play competitively or PvP you will need to spend ALOT or have friends to boost you. No this is the official L2 Classic server.
  15. Market is dead

    I think its both but for different reasons. Of course random crafting has killed value for alot of items but also theres a huge market influx of "expensive" items like dolls, talismans, S grades etc and not so many players needing or having the means to buy them. This eventually leads to prices dropping. For me an actual new invested player is one that will push past level 80, most people quit at around level 79-80 and all of them are batshit broke when doing so. Its actually one of the main reasons they quit. So who exactly will buy all these end-game expensive items? New end-game players dont exist or are very few, old end-game players already have everything.