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  1. weapon augments

    https://l2wiki.com/classic/Item_Augmentation_-_effects#Effects You can see and compare everything here.
  2. Can´t creat new NC account

    Your ip is temporary blocked for creating a lot of accounts. Also if you use proxies it wont work, system can detect it. You need a clean residential(servers wont work) ip for it to work or wait for the block to expire. Block can range from 24 hours to 1 week depending on the reason it got triggered.
  3. inventory expansion ticket

    Inventory expansion is now a skill in character's skills menu and appears as a passive skill you can learn. Just learn the skill using the corresponding ticket.
  4. TOO LOW EXP for 9 people party

    For me the real problem is the death penalty, i find myself playing a lot more casually and experimenting now that the event is active. In high levels autohunting is like a synchronized dance, if someone gets a dc or crash you could wipe a whole group. Maybe they should make the -50% DP available from lower VIP levels or sth similar.
  5. It's never too late, it all depends on how much time you want to invest. If you make some key purchases and join an active clan you can definitely catch up soon-ish.
  6. Pets

    This is an entirely different problem from the buff issue you mentioned above. I agree that the game can be hardcore if you are not willing to spend money. To make money you need to be high level with fully equiped characters. Maybe you should consider searching for some clan to boost you.
  7. Pets

    Just make a boxed buffer and problem solved.
  8. Yes, you can use any grade on any level without restrictions.
  9. Auto hunting turns off

    This could also happen if a mob uses some skill on you for example the mob teleporting you in Cruma. You could make a simple macro with the command /autohuntingon and right click it to enable. This way if for w/e reason autohunt gets disabled it will automatically enable it again.
  10. Disconnects every 24/h

    Yesterday while I was cleaning up it happened again. All of my accounts got gradually disconnected in the span of 20 min, no lag this time just direct dc. It was funny as I was logging them in as soon as they were getting dc and my party didn’t stop attacking hehe.
  11. Disconnects every 24/h

    I'm getting random disconnects on some of my characters multiple times per day, this started yesterday. The strange thing is that on the same machine that i have multiple characters logged, only some of them get disconnected with some big lagspike. Obviously its some server problem, not related with routing.
  12. Classic is a joke

    I think the issue here is that you were expecting something else and got served with something completely different. About your points, I) There are bots, no doubt about it, but the majority are not, you dont really need a bot program to farm if you setup proper groups and macros with autohunt, at least i havent found the need to do that. Moreover autohunt evens out the playing field between legit players and botters. Sure its not 100% efficient as a full bot program but its serviceable enough (with 2-3 tweaks it could be excellent). II) Population at least on Giran is OK. Sure it is not the old L2 OFF but it is also not dead. PvP for me is active and i'm having fun. If people are killing you for a spot, well that is L2, i've also killed people cause im bored to move to the next room after i login, come and kill me back if you can. If not try to level up/gear up and come, i will be waiting. III) Constant Drama - Check, People always bitching about everything - Check, Server Dying every week - Check, well yea, this is definetly an mmo, it passes all the needed criteria. Anyways, i can concur that classic is not for everyone and i can understand it is not what you expected, for me i was pleasantly surprised, it was better than what i expected. As they say different strokes for different folks.
  13. The main problem at least from what i have experienced the past month i started playing is the following: Cost of playing vs adena gains are not balanced properly as you level. The way it is now, you either need a full low level party farming adena 24/7 in order to fund the cost of your main characters or to spend alot of money and resell things for adena. The fix is simple, either increase adena rates or reduce character maintenance costs (soulshots etc). I find it really bad game design to have level 20 characters farming more currency than high level characters which in turn have much higher upkeep costs. The only reason to have something like this working intentionally is to lure people into spending money after they invest time into the game. Even if that is the case for F2P online games to work properly you need to have a healthy F2P population, not just people that spend money. If F2P is gone, then the spenders lose alot of value in their investment and they will leave too = game will die.