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  1. I agree this is like having a second stackable Zaken and Orfen earring combo lol
  2. I bet this is an error, they forgot to remove it from the random craft list when updating the system with live. Please do not buy or trade this item till we get an official statement on whats goin on.
  3. Market is dead

    I agree with this assessment. Lets hope they wake up and do something that makes sense for once to reinvigorate the server.
  4. Private Store 6 items

    or just make another account and you have infinite slots.
  5. First time in classic

    Depends on what you mean F2P friendly. If you just want to casual play and take your time it is possible to play with minimal real money investment. If you want to play competitively or PvP you will need to spend ALOT or have friends to boost you. No this is the official L2 Classic server.
  6. Market is dead

    I think its both but for different reasons. Of course random crafting has killed value for alot of items but also theres a huge market influx of "expensive" items like dolls, talismans, S grades etc and not so many players needing or having the means to buy them. This eventually leads to prices dropping. For me an actual new invested player is one that will push past level 80, most people quit at around level 79-80 and all of them are batshit broke when doing so. Its actually one of the main reasons they quit. So who exactly will buy all these end-game expensive items? New end-game players dont exist or are very few, old end-game players already have everything.
  7. Just play whatever you like, anything you play will hit a huge roadblock at level 80 eitherways. Dont stress it out and also dont buy gear for adena, just get the Newbie Pack from L2 Store for 1 NCoin to test out the classes.
  8. We used to have problems like this from Europe-Greece during mid July early August. Random disconnects on toons for no reason. I would have computer and laptop logged with characters and some would just randomly get dc without any lagspikes. This got fixed after the tales untold update last month. Another user in the forums suggested to check into the Network Adapter Configuration and make sure that the option in Power Management " Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" is unticked. I hope your issues get fixed soon, it sucks really bad to have disconnects all the time for no reason.
  9. First time in classic

    Buy the Newbie Pack for 1 NCoin, it will take you upto level 60-70 in terms of gear. Any drops you gather throw them into random craft, refresh the list till you get sth valuable that you can sell. You need to keep in mind that the server economy is balanced around spending money to play properly. While it is possible to be a F2P player it wont be such a good experience unless you have friends that can help you out and are already endgame geared. Lastly understand that this has nothing to do with old chronicles like C4-Interlude, it is a complete re-imagining of the game and it's taken a completely different approach to economy/balance.
  10. Warcryer advice.

    Why are you levelling up a Warcryer solo, if you want to main Warcryer make a pony nuker (El Summoner) with a shillien elder and party them up. Otherwise you are in for a world of pain trying to exp just with the Warcryer. Also if you use Warcryer purely as a buffer then use robes with any weapon having cast speed. If you want to actually play him as a main you got 2 routes, the expensive one (as a mage) and the cheap one (melee). Buy stuff accordingly.
  11. As you can see posting feedback all these months has reached to fruition in the form of these new super crisp icons, im looking forward to the next update, maybe we will finally get more emotes, i always wanted to facepalm ingame.
  12. what wrong with icons

    They got HD Remastered
  13. 10 Clients Limitation

    You can farm but you need like 20-30b adena in gear per character. Meaning full epics/talismans/+16 wpn and all P2W items from each promotion, like hats/cloaks/belts etc. How many people will be geared like this in the life of the server, maybe 100?200? At least from what i have seen, upto level 79 it's pretty balanced if you purchase the starter packs etc. Then the temporary 30 day items dissapear and you can only farm with shitty gear in trashmob elemental zones with no drops. Maybe you win the lottery and get a doll,maybe not. The only surefire way to be able to play after that point is to start spending big time in order to buy gear. Even then that might allow you to somehow farm elites in elemental zones, or maybe some lower catacombs IF you can find a room. Most people quit around that point realizing they wont make any progress, and that is the main problem of the game and not needing to launch 100 clients in same pc to save electricity.
  14. BOTS Out Of Control

    Sure so they can add more bots there too, the more the merrier. Lets rename the server from L2 Classic to L2 My Little Pony
  15. This New Clan System Sucks!

    Exactly, a clan is not the same as a character, you cannot bottleneck new clans into staying level 3 forever while all older clans are already level 4-5 with full buffs. I have real data for people to comprehend the scope. We are 6 people running a total of 32 accounts, exping 24/7 since the new clan update (all over level 80), we are at 20% exp for clan level 4. It's insane. I cant imagine how long 4 to 5 will take? 1 year? Maybe in my retirement years i will also have a clan level 6.
  16. 10 Clients Limitation

    I have a feeling that all of these problems are artificially made cause of bad server rates. I remember back in the day most someone would have are 2-3 boxes max depending on class. If people need a full party or 2 just to fund soulshots, in order to exp casually, this is completely insane. In fact the whole l2 classic situation feels abit insane with people running 30-40-50 accounts. The game is unbalanced in everyway imaginable and i hope NC adjusts things accordingly with future updates.
  17. This New Clan System Sucks!

    The system itself is ok, the clan exp rate needs to be buffed by alot, at least up to level 5. It should be possible for an active clan of 30 people to gain a level 3 to 4 within 2-3 weeks. Now it needs 3-4 months. Moreover it's completely unfair that alot of people already got lvl 4-5 clans that they instantly bought with adena> Proof of Blood. Unfair cause of all the buffs available at those clan levels.
  18. Did you also send this as a support ticket? The other thread got locked cause the mod said you need to make a support ticket and not post on forums.
  19. BOT DDOSing server

    This is not a DDOS, this has nothing to do with networking. This is a problem that always existed in L2, if alot of drops are in the ground the server>client cant process the information properly causing all sorts of problems. Apparently someone got pissed with someone and decided to use his botting scripts to take revenge by making it unplayable for people farming in LOA. Besides from this being an obvious problem for the people trying to farm there this also poses a serious threat in general. GM's should take this very seriously to prevent something like this becoming more widespread. Just imagine everytime you bleep someone off to drop a shit-bomb like this.
  20. Heroic circlets are not tradable, that's why they are so powerful.
  21. First time in classic

    There are no buffer npc's, if you want buffs make a dualboxed buffer, preferably Warcryer.
  22. What are the different between LIVE and CLASSIC?

    Live is the original old L2 with all the evolution and patches of the last 15 years. Classic is a re-imagining of the C4-Interlude patches but with vastly different approach. Both are heavily P2W and both have nothing to do with how L2 used to be like 10-15 years ago. It's just a matter of preference, if you prefer older chronicles then classic is better suited for you, if you want to see new stuff then Live is what you want.
  23. How to run multi window?

    After logging in one character, close the launcher and open it again and login using another account.
  24. The real problem is the people themselves playing this game. Reason for Bots = People RMT Reason for P2W Events = People buy them Reason nothing changes = Why would it change? NC wont make more money from the people whining in the forums, people that spend cash will continue to do so. If they fix the game it wont make it more profitable than what it is now, on the contrary whales might lose the huge advantage they get. The real victims here are the small fish that exist to entertain the whale's feeling of superiority. The absurdity is that people actually think NC cares for the "players", of course they dont, they care about making money, its a company, not a gamer's wellfare organization. Do you want stuff to change? Stop playing and whales will stop spending money and NC will be forced to act. A very simple solution to a complicated problem.