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  1. Happens daily from 10:00 to 12:00 GMT+3, mass dc and game unplayable.
  2. All good points, i would also add that is the bare minimum they should do to essentially update the droptables to current update.
  3. @Hammerforge Also i would like to add the following, i dont know how things happen in Talking Island in regards to this event, but on Giran there is a good amount of people reaching the top floor and all are different players and all get a chance to win. All the winners up to now are different people which are not related to clan/friends. Sure only end-game players reach the top but in Giran we got at least 30-40 people hitting baium.
  4. About the no sense things, 1) This is kind of correct but also would give huge advantage to organized groups vs solo players. 2) You dont need to port out to get buffs, just use Sayha etc. 3) Once you reach top floor move down to TOI 13 which is non pvp zone. About the suggestions: 1) Sure, pvp makes no point really in an event like this other than abusing baium kill. 2) I dont agree, the way it is now you got a sense of urgency to go as fast as you can, if any scrub can reach top floor and have a chance at baium its unfair for top players. 3) This is ok but
  5. 4 new mass DC's today, lets hope when exp event ends and people leave it gets fixed.
  6. Above statements are correct, we need some farming balance between physical and magic damage dealers. Although people farm with AoE mages in TOI too, you just need very good gear.
  7. @Juji I sent requested information, moreover there is another issue concerning the baium tower. Yesterday i was playing in slow motion, the lag inside the tower was unbelievably bad, like i could just press autohunt and pray it kills enough to move to next floor. My other toons in same pc but in other areas didnt have lag, the issue was in baium tower.
  8. Alot of DC's since last maintenance, today i had 7 mass DC's. Also i see randomly people from my friendlist mass DC'ing. This has nothing to do with connection quality, the server is mass ejecting people for some reason. Please investigate because at this rate its getting a chore to login multiple times per day/losing exp during exp event.
  9. i think you can try to increase the windows 10 scale from Settings>Display, make it 150% or so and try again. UI will be abit blurry but will be bigger.
  10. Why would you get blocked for trading items? If items are tradable you can trade them freely with anyone for w/e reason except RMT.
  11. What server are you, got a clan to help new players in Giran.
  12. I agree that it is hard especially for new players to balance between buying gear and daily expenses. But it is possible to set things up and farm, you just need patience and a cost vs effectiveness plan. For example farming with S grade weapon in LoA you wont make any Adena but farming with B grade in GC you can make a decent amount per day. Do not expect to run full power ranger mode and be able to cover the costs for consumables and also make a profit, the only place you can do that is TOI but you need end-game gear to farm there. The game is far from balanced but also people jus
  13. It's in the L2 Coin Shop, Enchant Tab, click the icon left of the Adena to open it (bottom right of the UI).
  14. This is the biggest problem, you can't just flat-out discriminate all non damage classes from receiving any kind of reward for being in a party. This makes officially all support classes into buff boxes OR people need to play them as damage dealers which is not how the class is supposed to be played. First dwarves became useless to play as main, now all support classes became useless to play as main, what is next? Big changes like this should be clarified by the staff, even a vague reply of "We don't know what is going on but we will check it out" would be better than 1 month of radi
  15. Of course there are people getting "help" but there are legit methods to also solo exp with full buffs using My Teleport Scrolls. Buffers warp in and out while they are in group so they dont steal your exp.
  16. From what i saw, noone was level 90 before TOI update, max level at least on Giran was 88. As for playing legit, of course there are people using scripts but for example top player lvl 91 on Giran is 100% legit. It is a matter of gear and how much $ you spend on consumables. In any case, TOI is very unbalanced in terms of EXP and Adena in comparison with every other zone. They should buff at least LoA and DV to be half of what TOI is.
  17. It is legit, if you farm on TOI it is not that hard. I make there about 600bn/day exp without event. With the exp event people made like 1,5trillion/day.
  18. 1) They have usage as materials for random crafting 2) Agree 3) Not going to happen, they need maps for big spenders to farm 4) Agree 5) Agree 6) Agree 7) It's a complicated subject 8 ) Agree, this is very important 9) I think price is ok for these items, market is already flooded. 10) Agree 11) Why not 12) Agree For me the most important thing is for them to find a way for new players to catch up and to allow a path for low spenders and F2P people to have a chance to play normally if they put enough effort. (Having 100 bot accounts t
  19. Maybe next update in 3-4 months it gets fixed, i wouldnt hold my hopes up for anything else. We are lucky they even added the drops back to Elemental Zones. Playing as a support main makes no sense in classic, unless you want easy Hero.
  20. This event is pure fun, and the rewards are very useful. Maybe next event we can reset the server too
  21. Well they did some adjustments to the respawn rates these past maintenances, even if its a small change it is a step towards the right direction. Lets hope with this weeks maintenance the drop rates and L2Coin issues get addressed so people can at least go back to farming normally.
  22. I can tell you what to expect after maintenance in Wednesday, another P2W event.
  23. They said that due to bad weather planned fixes wont be applied with this maintenance, lets hope next week they patch things up.
  24. Yes, it's only for Live not Classic servers.
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