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Hello, when I installed my Lineage II Classic the interface was large (menu bars, icons, texts, buttons, everything). It changed to small and its bothering me. Is there any way I can fix it back to large again? the "change resolution settings" are not helping and toggling between window modes and full screen either..please help ^^ xD

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Full Screen can have it's own resolution(not dependent on your desktop's resolution) set to full screen, then adjust the resolution.

Window and full window are dependant on your desktop's resolution(if you stretch a window it'll be custom resolution... that is just a portion of the desktop) adjust your desktop resolution to change the Game's resolution.

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were you able to fix it? i have the exact opossite issue, i just installed the game, in my case the UI is too large and i want it smaller but i can't i already tried in "option>video>change resolution", and alternating between full screen and window but nothing works

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