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shadai does not allow to upgrade brooch from lvl 2 to lvl 3

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1 hour ago, NamekoWildeath said:

I was hoping that with the event they would correct that error, however the error continues ...
we have jewels and broochs event and there is that tremendous bug


@Juji @Hime

There is no bug with upgrading brooches. You need to unequip your brooch first before you upgrade it at Shadai. The NPC will hide the brooch upgrade option until you have it unequipped in your inventory.

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1 hour ago, S3shat said:

I know this topic is old but i have same issue and my +5greater  brooch is not showing in upgrade on blacksmith even if i unequiped it and lvl5 La Vie En Rose's Brooch it is showed in options

Lv1-lv4 Upgradable with Shadai
"Lv5 and Greater brooch's" are upgradable with regular blacksmith for Crystal of Dawn (similar as shirts/circlets)

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