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Make L2 Great Again? ( Just want to be sure even if I wasted the time I was trying to do things better).

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Original document with readable formatting is here .


do not see yours, tell you mine


  1. Everyone is important. This is the main slogan. 


Two simple metaphors:


  • Whales live in oceans, not in puddles.

  • A big fish grows out of a small one.


Make solo players can access 90% of the content.  This is less than 40% now.


  1. Look into the future. Preparing the next generation of players.


Don't make the second Essence from the Main version.  The Essence should be an introductory (light version) for young people.  And the Main version should be for the older generation.  

Let the Essence serve as an introduction to the game itself, and the Main version attracts with lore.  

The Essence is experimentation and sparkles, the Main is game lore, the Classic is for nostalgia (the way is known).


  1. Worth the time. Game sessions


Keep in mind that adults and wealthy people simply cannot spend more than four hours a day playing.

So let it be possible to pass the time zone in the most basic equipment in a little less than an hour, in the average equipment - half an hour, and in good equipment for no more than 15 minutes.

Good point is limited items per zone like Fields of Crisis. But there is not enough spawn speed of monsters at this moment. 


  1. Worth the time. Game events


Weekly quests. Introduce them. Additional four hours of gaming.


Let one of them give, for example, 3x daily quests EXP (about 5% depends on level and game state).


Other one give some random stuff worth of time.


The 3rd will be long epic and give epic things in the end. For example, every month, players doing them weekly can choose dragon claws or blood of Akamanah/Zariche.


Last one for the groups for socialising (whatever gear required, only hits counts). 


  1. Cap of damage on bosses by one person by hit


Word "Raid" means that monster ain't for solo players. 

Maximum damage per one hit should be less than HP regen. 

Wanna kill the boss, think about the team. Let it be a team competition.


  1. Move from favoritism


What if one day he stops playing?


  1. Grocery store update 


Guys, how are you going to withdraw adena from the game?  Now you just don't have anything in the store for that.


I suggest introducing expensive pvp items for top players, but they should definitely be worth the adena spent.



  1. CP +100k Scrolls 30 min with 500kk adena cost and so on….


  1. The Great Shadow Weapons. 


Exalted 2 Weapons + 5b adena + Piece of Darkness => Enchanted Shadow Weapon


ESW + 30b adena + 100 Pieces of Darkness = The Great Shadow Weapons 30 Days


Stats are the same like Limited Krishna +19 (or more). You even can use the same models. 


These guns follow this strategy completely. Everybody with such a strong weapon is a factor.


That weapon uses a one-time SA  from Star Dust (unable to remove). 


  1. Make a cash flow downstream.


Hunting for Pieces of Darkness and Star Dust by common players will serve for this. Newbies will be able to gather some adena by trading these things to the tops. 


  1. NC Store update


Update the store at least once every 3 months.  Items must match the current state of the game.


For example: 

Brooch Jewelry Set ( All greater lv.1) 30-days for 4000 k NC no tradable, but useful for buff. A lot of people will buy them monthly(and even more in event time) because of Ruby/Tanzanite/Red Cat Eye/ Etc..





Hour of Chaos:

Event starts and continue while the cursed swords are in game. 

PK count stop. No exp loss. (It is important) Free for all mode on. Players kill each other to gather Dark Souls (y, I know..) One kill, one soul. Tradable. 


Narrative: Beleth did another bad thing…


Low chance loot (estimated price 300kk): Killing characters, everybody has a chance to loot Pieces of Darkness.



Soul stones + Dark Souls -> Dark Armor (Weapon with less chances) Stones. (We need a lot of them for limited stuff, but Gainak is under total control of the top players.)


Positive things of event: 

  1. The game brings back the pvp aspect and players may get more fun.

  2. Cleaning spots from bots ( good for hardware).

  3. Adena flow.


Event visual effects: dark shadow around(or close to) every character


Dark castle grounds: +10% pvp/pve damage (increase attacking abilities).

Light castle grounds: +10 p. def/ m. def, -10 % received critical damage (increase defensive abilities.) 

It is required to fight with swords holders, if they come…


Witch Hunt:

Random players in the hunting grounds get a temporary pk-like state. This player gets +50% (or more) attacking and defensive bonuses. If this player dies in this state, the boss(champion) spawns. Player is able to get back to place of his death by revenge mechanics (like on classic servers).

To kill the boss we need 1000 hits + last one.

The boss drops Bloody Tears and with low chances Bloody Stones.


Narrative: A powerful (dark) elven witch, in love with Hardin, cursed him and his descendants …


Low chance loot (estimated price 300kk): Killing monsters, everybody has a chance to loot Star Dust.



Spirit Ores + Bloody Tears => Blood Stones


100 x Star Dust => One-Time SA fo GS Weapons and Attack/Protection talismans


Positive things of the event: the same as previous.


Event visual effects: Spawned champion looks like a witch (for example undine model or witch Malice). Shadow of this witch appears and shows itself while the player is under effect. This time all characters around get random debuffs: hex, root, sleep, etc. Even if they didn't want to kill the affected player, they must. 

We can go far with this game search-and-destroy mechanics: mark characters (it shall be not only one) character on the map, or randomly debuff the whole world while the character under curse of witch is alive.


Getting rid of the Filth: 

We like hard marches like Tavern and so on. 


Narrative: Invaders from the Pagan Temple broke into the Monastery of Silence.  Need to clean up the monastery from the filth that has penetrated there.  Have to kill monsters and light candles.  


Rewards for passing - old knowledge - skill books (with high chances for basic books and middle and low for another).


Positive things of the event: This simple event may make an effect on the boring Olympiad. Cuz most of the time we meet there toons questing for skill books.


Endowment of the Necromancer:

Spawn 4 bosses(not one, cuz we avoid top clans rush to the same spot) in the random fortresses and mark it on the map. Bosses can be beaten by owners or attackers, if the last ones will be fast enough. 


Rewards: Zariche/Akamanah blood, Dragon Claws, The Great Shadow's weapons (explain later), etc.

Clan gets pve/pvp +5% dmg. buff for the next week depends on choice.  


Requirements: We need more fortresses, for more clans. 


Positive things of the event: You'll be able to cash out more adena by specific fortress things like buffs, talismans, fortress wall restore, etc.) 



  1. … The black moon has risen. Dimensional warps have been opened and Agael's plague entered the world…. 

  2. … The four apostles of Etina are called from hell and begin their activities by defeating fortresses and trying to make residences from them…

  3. ...


Treasure of the Ancients:

Kill monsters daily and find fragments of the map. Trade them to collect the whole piece of the map. Only the owner of all fragments can see on map spawn point and can spawn boss there. Event starts at the same time and finishes when the first clan/group finds a spot, spawns the boss and kills him. 10k hits + last one.

Rewards: Fallen Angel Rings and boxes with +++, ….





Game promotion


Do cool things and show 'em

I do not see how you guys work with influencers. Innova, for example, supports streamers/content makers giving them promo codes for their followers.

Someone, a clever man, has built in a streaming into the launcher. What's the problem to make it 1080p and integrate with Youtube, Twitch, etc.? 


Fix the bugs

That's not good if influencers will talk about how the servers are laggy.


Converse with the community

I remember the producer's open letter. People were "whoa"... But then you started to lose confidence again.

Be open and fair.

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