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Agathion - Button-eyed Bear Doll is not working.


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17th Anniversary Veteran Pack (16-year)

Includes Agathion - Button-eyed Bear Doll, Jester Outfit, and Dragon Boat

Only available to characters created on or before 1/1/2006

1 Adena

Limit 1 per Account


I use skill to release Agathion, animation is ok... but Agathion does not appear, I can use cute trick without error. if I seal the Agathion and try to use cute trick i get system error message.

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Only 1 Account of mine is old enough to have this Agathion... I don't see it after I summon it, on any of my Toons(it's Dimensional item) F.Orc Fighter/2 F.Dwarf/F.Kamael/2 Ertheia.  Has anyone here actually used it, where the Agathion appeared, or has it been bugged since last year?(1st time in Veteran pack)

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