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Bring back blessed soulshots!

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If the dev team said that the soulshot was fixed and by fixing they decreased 30% damage output then, what about considering restoring


-p.attack bonus +130%

I believed after the blessed soulshots was removed they increased the normal shots to 130% damage output as compensation of the removal of the blessed soulshots  but  it was not written in the definition of the said item and now they said it was fixed?  funny hey!

Why is that only the soulshots was nerfed? what about blessed spirit shots? remove it as well to be fair, this should have been done ages ago.

See attachment for comparison: 



Thanks Dev Team for making fighter class great again. 

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This would not fix anything, unless they sell them at the current normal SS price of 22..... Which would never happen.

So it will either be a NCstore only item or too expensive to ever consider for farming in normal areas.


The top 10% of people are not affected by this and you can rest assured that if it does not bother them, nothing will change.

But yeah... For all the rest of the players, between SS and crit rate nerf of othel, it's GG for us. Reroll to dark elf summoner I guess?


Maybe NCsoft really just want whales and sellers to play their game, it could be their ultimate business strategy.

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