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Dummys in Starting Villages


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Make something useful  with these Dummys in starting villages. Make a system

some ideas:

1.  Give to players a reason to go to the starting villages

2. Replenishing VP more quickly if  a player fight to the dummys, give Bonus if the player goes to the appropiate race village.

3. Make differents dummys, lv.105+ 110+ 115+ 120+ with diferent colours, form or size.

4. The dummys can Drop Vitality Tonics with clan missions for example. 

5. The dummys can be useful to check power atacks, maybe they could receive damage from players and drop numbers above their heads like the normal npcs like grocer, gks, warehouses, but indicating the exact damage their receives. Maybe numbers visibles for everyone, i don t know, it just ideas to make useful these npcs, maybe a random item if anyone fight for an hour.

6. it would be funny see orc village with to many orcs training there, Talking island with humans, Faeron Village with Ertheias.. etc.

7. You could give something in the L2 store to take advantage from that training system, i don t know, there are to many things in this world of L2 that would be more funny if you give them "sense of  being."

Just ideas.. Thanks for the game anyway


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