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Server start Time?!


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The game servers will be down for maintenance as of Wednesday, August 11, 2021 at 4 a.m. M. PDT / 6 a. M. CDT / 7 a. M. EDT / 1 p. M. GMT + 2 and will not be available for approximately 5 hours.

They say that after this maintenance, it will be open
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2 hours ago, DisplayFoFUn said:

There are no servers for EU, you already have Essense server there, 3 NA servers period.

Doesn't work like that, altho this time might be the case. 

Even tho it's the NA publisher, remember that it also had famous servers back like Teon that had GMT+1. Awakening servers have 1 server GMT+1 (Naia). When the classic went live, we had Giran with GMT+1. 
But this is gonna be different since you MUST have interserver and they must have the same time...so it's probably gonna be 1 shared GMT. 
Now the question: which will it be? Cause NCWest nows he's gonna get lots of EU players as well. So what's their pick? GMT+1? GMT-5? GMT-2 to get in the middle? 

Who knows.

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