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Auto Hunt needs fixing, Skills need fixing to work well with autohunt

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The current auto hunt is lacking and certain skills do not  work well with it... 

  Having played a little on Aden and my time on Classic.  I would recommend a few changes.

1.  The Option to assist Party Leader when in group with Autohunt turned on.  This on classic is not that much of a big deal, but in ADEN you cannot right click an assist macro.  So those people on Aden in party and assisting must be using 3rd party, unless they are live.

2.  Skills should be fully right clickable like on Aden.  I believe the current autohunt was made with this intent.  There are skills you cannot use in classic .. i.e. Frenzy, zealot, guts b/c they require your HP to be at 90 or 30%.  On Aden you got it right, those skills are right clickable from the get go..and frenzy/guts do NOT overwrite each other.  Zealot (on Aden) is right clickable when ready and does not require the HP to be at 30%.  

3.  Because of z range limitations and b/c of incorrect spawn locations in Classic (Elemental zones, Giants Cave to name a few), which have been reported many times and over 1.5yrs ...  macro/autohunting will not hit mob respawns that are bugged/incorrectly spawning.  People have to be creative with aoe. to hit them.

4. Ranged toons are unable to pick up drops with autohunt, both nukers/archers... only melee benefits from the autohunt/autopick up.  Need to fix this.  ON Classic we can get by with an assist macro with pick up and delay.  It should not be this way.






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