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Turn Classic into ADEN, Fix rates (enchant rates for everything..they are TOO LOW) Collections are crazy..

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The similarities between Classic and Aden are now almost indistinguishable.  The launching of Aden has been the nail on the coffin for Classic.  I don't see why you cannot make classic into ADEN... the two are extremely similar, with the amount of time and money invested in toons on Classic, to see it all go to waste.  Now you want the player base to overlook all the bugs, lousy enchant rates, lack of gm support, lack of effort correcting incorrect game mechanics by moving over to Aden?

Serious thought should be put into converting the current classic servers to Aden-

Serious thought should be put into improving the enchant and drop rates in Classic/Aden--- this includes all P2W items, we obviously don't have a problem with paying for items through the l2 store, but we do have a problem with paying to "Gamble" with the current rates for every single item that can be enchanted... 

I saw people spend 400.00 usd to improve a Lvl 3 + 3 pendant to try to get it to lvl 4... and the pendant is still lvl 3+3  .. I know this is a business, but people don't like throwing away their money.  They like to get "Gains" for their money and time.

take for example your recent patch and upgrade to Collections... 

Leave it for the Collection I- gives 2%  Magic Lamp Gauge Recharge.. for the a pita of only +10 PVE ADV (Virgo, Capricorn, Libra, Taurus)

As Important as the Main Equipment- gives debuff resistance +2% .. for the pita of +8 blessed belt, +8 belt, Brooch lvl 5, Agathion lvl 5,       talisman bracelet lvl 5... out of those items...only the agathion lvl 5 and talisman bracelet are easily doable.

TOP-grade Gem Lv 2 Set II- gives Dmg +1 % Hp potion additional recovery... requires TOP grade lvl 2 (Jades, Ruby, Sapphire, Vital, Cats Eye Red/Blue)  These aren't even out?   It takes Hundreds of dollars just to make a regular lvl 5... I don't even have a lvl 4 ruby...

Top Grade Gem lvl 2 Set 1 gives dmg recieved -1%... again Top grade lvl 2s .. .. AGAIN thousands of dollars for insignificant  gains.

NO ONE can get those, unless you have 20-30k to spend once the event comes out that allows you to make top grade? ... 

Those recent changes "the new"  collections  also pushed/made people quit Classic--those gains cost thousands of dollars for crap gains.   

Most people don't have 1 lvl 10 pve agathion... no one has top grade gems... few have lvl 5 gems...

you have not added  C,b grade Enchant armor/weapon scrolls to the store or l2 store to help people with finishing collections, you haven't even added Improved enchant weapon/Armor C, and IEW/A Bs to the store this would be a huge addition to players who actually want to use their adena/l2 coin to push and make these collections sets (the regular ones..not the ridiculous ones).. Guess what those enchant scrolls (minus the improved enchant ones) are in the store in Aden ... 

We should not be dropping car payments every month, or mortgage payments (during events) on a game we play as a hobby and to have fun with friends and clan mates.





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