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Newbie here, need clan info


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18 hours ago, Kannon said:

Hello, i started to play with my friends. We have a lvl 3 clan. Are there some instance like kamaloka, freya, zaken? something like that? What should we do as a clan? we need some tips, help us, thanks.

basically nothing. All you can do as clan are few instances located in Aden (behind the fountain) that reset weekly. Depending on clan level you have:

Clan arena: hunt raids with ur clan CC and level up clan passive skill that increase XP gain, PVE dmg/resistance, sayha consumption and MP/CP/HP recovery rate. Also provide Blood crystal and usefull items when opening chests inside. You can hunt 4 raids maximum per run.

Spirits: kill mobs untill one of the 4 gates open, then face the elemental raid boss on the other side of the door that opens. You can earn drops, clan XP and elemental atk potions. Require clan lv 4, if i'm not wrong.

Frintezza: basically like the old frintezza with the 2 rooms full of mobs and the epic+paints that spawn phantoms to bother you. Require clan lv 5 and people on avrg lv 85++ and FULL A grade, cause he hits like a damn truck. Most likely oneshotting people any time he lands a hit on people w/o gear/level. Also he will spam skills and often heal himself so...it's a HUGE pain to kill if you don't dps it super fast.

That's currently all you can do as clan. There is also Fortress but that's something only for top clans that wants to PVP for it, as you get 30kk adena for the fort caster and a passive increasing XP/Adena gain...but it's not a must to have. Fortress is usefull for all as you hunt 50 mobs for 5 blue lamps and 1 big mob (with green title in the end) for a red lamp. Entering the PVP zone in the top of the fort gives no benefit to random players or clan, as that's a pvp zone and it's simply the place where you go cast the flag to claim fortress, as i said, it's for top clans only.

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