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When Ertheia first appeared they had a skilled called Warped Space. They still have it, but it was changed because people said it was to OP to be able to bascially root a person for 30sec.  It wasn't really a root it just made you fight the evis within the magic circle. So they changed it to a 5sec root thats basically a useless skill. This is all leading up to the question. If that skill was so bad, how exactly did the game decide that a God Jewel that can root you for 45sec was a good ideal? And to make it even worse, you die, rez in town and you're still rooted. Can someone explain the logic behind these God jewels and there capabilities. Is it just me or did they go just a bit to far.

Its also becoming perfectly clear that  Gravity Barrier and Spallation or not at all what they seem.  What says Invincible against all debuffs and damage is not really the case. Tyr stunns seem to make it through those skills, and God jewels act as if the skills don't exist.  Not overly-whining about evis because we do have good power, but if you take a skill away why give it to another with even more power if it was so OP. Or, give us a skill that says one thing, but isn't at all what it states.  And saying that we have a 30sec skill that is OP is not really true. Almost everybody just "kites" until skill is down. Then jump back and kill. We are best in enclosed spaces  :) 

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