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Evi / GK help


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Let's pretend I am starting from ZERO and I want to make a budget farmer toon,

I heard evi is cheap to build cuz it's p.atk pcrit build, so I made 1 evi
I choose to do GK dual class to share equip

1. GK use patk/pcrit build or use skill crit build?
2. GK is strong or weak class?
3: What are the most important upgrade for me to get in order and how much can it cost?
(For example, priority 1 upgrade: X, priority 2 upgrade: Y, etc)

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1 hour ago, TurboVeronica said:

On evis u can use ur quest gear up to 107 no problem.  An are u going to buy ncoins?  If so maby gett blessed exalted pack . I Will say use ur exalted an go for bloody wep +12 first.  

Maby dont have gk as dual . U Will get borring having 2 singel target chars . 

What dual you suggest that can share gear?

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On 10/7/2021 at 9:59 AM, yoyoyoyo said:

What dual you suggest that can share gear?


GK is your best dual if you want to gear share and it can AOE.  Of course it cant AOE as good as a Mage or an Archer but it can AOE. I duo with ISS and 1 handed Blunt Maestro in Tanor all the time with my Maestro running a  AOE macro and have no problem clearing mobs.  Working on getting a good pole now. 😁

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Well like Mikeha  say GK is good . My main is evis/dread now an using same gear.  Just exalted wep on dual but works ok . Can solo tanor at 107 no problem.  If u go GK on dual u use same wep to so this is good . . Dread i think its perfect for me good aoe . Pm me ingame if u like to talk :)

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