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Is there any remaning fun about classic?


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Recently I decided to try again L2 ,after several years of leaving the actual "Live" version of this game . But this time coming back into the apealing classic version.

However, after one week of playing (in Giran sever) I realized that theres only auto AFK toons of the same clans with differente numers that are replaced every day (bots) and in the last Siege of Giran Castle, there was only 1 party vs 1 party of OP toons and thats it. Almost the same for Olys.
So, in the end, these are the only really active players in the server? about 20-30 ppl?

Whats the point of getting more and more adena if more players are leaving  and you will end playing 1v1?

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Yes the thing is ugly on the server.

* Staff abandonment of the forum

* Players speak in the forum only between players, there is no interaction reading, analysis of what is discussed defended in the forum.

* Recently they had "implemented" antbot system on the server, but they turned it off about 15 days ago.

* PK system, bestowing Pks, has no real punishment for PK stimulating PKs
By the way, many Pks are the owners of the bots defending their farm areas, meaning any place that drops a considerable amount is bot domain.
Pk He has a karma limit ie he kills 10 or 1000 chars, his karma is no more than 10k, of course something he cleans very quickly, and something else char pk if you lose an item it recovers for a ridiculous amount, it doesn't drop more item on the floor :/

* Staff, must have plans to close the classic in the short term, if not, at least that's what they make it look like.

* Yes, fact must have a maximum of 120 real players in the game.

* Events only p2w, with a ridiculous % to get something really good, but it's always the same who win/get the items, why is it?

* There is a conversation between the real players in the game, which says that the bot/adena sellers share % of the profit, so they are not punished.

I have posts on the forum that have 2 years without a response from the staff, where I try to defend the game and the best for the community.

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I see.

Looks like things went worse since this game became "free to play" (more like free to download and thats it).
Back in the days when we had subscription model things where a lit bit more fun, and yes, admins do nothing about player complains.
I think that even with this awfull and unbalacing p2w model and with the fact that more players are leaving they still get more money than with the subscription one, otherwise there is no sense to me. Servers are almost empty of real ppl. No group conctent, no pvp and almost no market.
I think they still dont realized that most ppl wont invest thousend of dollars in Ncoins but still get owned by those few who does, and thats a 0 motivation to spend a single dollar imo.

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