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PVE CP recruiting


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I start making my own Daily CP and we start after update on.
CP Will kill AF Altar Gludio Tavern, Messiah if we have enough damage, and epics if cp want.

Current CP
Me as a +102 GH my damage its ok +12 Bloody Dual Dagger with 3 sa + 15% crit damage aug Wyrm + Tauti Ring +7 Cloak +14 Stab lv3 Ruby + Opal Monkey, My Damage on kama 13 min with tank, in cp i will be the 2nd best RB killer
Feoh a bit low damage but can hit, +12 Blessed Ama with 1 sa + 3rd
Tank will ask his gear today, but on kama he was ok.

Aoe DD, who can kill mobs fast in all instance :)
Normal DD Like titan evisch summoner who can kill trio kama less then 8 min :) you must be stronger then me :P
Healer + Pom Iss Who not die fast on those instance :D
Key is Solidarity lv3 or minimum lv2

We Start Daily in 19:30 PM GMT +1 normaly


Pm here or Naia same name!

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3 hours ago, Vassy said:

What happened with the tyrr? You started to play your main again?:)

Titan not important to lvl up, i kill all drop rb with my titan so he stay in 101 (Tauti Octavis Balok Istina)
I always exp my main, for example before i was kill kama in last rb was switch to othell for gain huge exp :P

Join my CP :) with you i probable make my dream Daily CP :D

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