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  1. Cloack enchant

    Never, ever try to enchant only 1 item. If you want cloak +7 -easy - just do it in parallel 2 cloaks . I did my with 75 luck last year. Spend no more than 20-25 scrolls. Plus..didn't do it at the same day. Some days the luck is really bad in the game.
  2. @HimeThis xp rate SUCKS! On 105 before the maintenance with boosts and vitality I got 13b per mob in Tanor , now max is 4b... Low level ppl start loosing interest from the game when there's no more level limit and leveling up is sooo slow. You should consider permanent xp boost at least to lv 110..
  3. Whos better?

    Switch to amaranthine - now the price for SA on R85/95/99 weapon is the same. Kelbim weapons cannot be enchanted and this is a minus because of you have Ruby lv3 and more this will add a lot ss damage to your hits. I remember that I sold my +7 blessed apo bow and bought kelbim bow - my worst decision ever.
  4. Yep. My dagger often bugs like that and when this happen I do 1 or 2 hits and stop, then another 1 hit 4-5 seconds later with the looping macro.
  5. Adena from Prestige Rune

    Yep Foxes is right. If you play with your iss in pt that doesn't have drop rune- your two ppl party drop rate is reduced to 150% and so on..
  6. OLD BUG that NCSOFT refuse to fix..

    27.08.2019.. 4 days left.. tick tack.. If NCSOFT don't fix this ridiculous situation another company can propose better entertainment.
  8. Best way to make adena on your lv is K95 party but try to do it solo with your box iss. Also try your luck on Baylor and Balok. There is no drop and spoil in this game so I won't suggest you to rot farming except you want to just level up. Then try to make a profit from the market or AH but you need adena to make adena..
  9. I can't stop asking myself how can you have 2 chars above lv 100 left naked with no adena whatsoever.The question is just rhetorical... And yes. The only possible way to make adena on your level with your current situation is l2store.
  10. How to prepare a Dwarf Dagger Pve

    As addition to Argus answer - Elmore +7 is enough - you will get the skill and it's easy to make when you enchant 2 in parallel. Try to use this event to level up fast - you'll get huge boosts plus free greater jewels which will help you with the damage. Also there're 2 hours bloody runes that are cheap.
  11. Buffs

    Well if you are lazy to box iss , above 99lv buffs from adventure guide are 3kk for 1h. Also free 1h buffs from clan npc if your clan is active and gain medals from faction NPCs.
  12. Account have been hack

    Open a ticket asap. But I seriously doubt they will do anything..
  13. Drops list

    Just go on a specific hinting zone select the mob and you will see if it has a chance for drop and spoil and what is it. Or you can just type in google the name of the mob and click on the search result that is from l2wiki.
  14. Expertise Runes

    There was an option when I checked on 16 May.. Check again and if there isn't then it's a new bug for reporting.
  15. Drops list