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  1. OMG !!!! There is no more ....

    Well a lot of players from DH make money on the Classic so..
  2. LUC stat and enchant

    Sometimes no matter how much LUC you have with all the goodies you add to increase this stat, the LUC just don't trigger so often in comparison to some other times with even less LUC Before anyone start to enchant - just test the lady luck triggering. If it's ok - go for it. If not - try another time. But don't push your luck!:)
  3. Wondrous Cubic. Worth it?

    Sure, I have on each character in my account. Mysterious fragments and fragments for armor are the important there.
  4. WTB/WTS

    Yes, the point is to check first for how much adena you can sell your item in shop, then check how much the NPC price for buyers is and decide something between. This is fair. Now ppl don't have much adena and the market is difficult but soon will be better. I personally prefer to keep the important stuff if I can't sell them asap.
  5. NCSoft don't have QAs? It's obvious that the time interval from starting the game (the agreement window) and the moment you're supposed to choose your char and enter your pin is not enough because we have queue of people. Usually when you don't have "queue" and you just stay afk couple of minutes on the screen with your chars without choosing any of them you will be shortly disconnected because you have some kind of a timer. Which is good BUT when you have a queue you must do some workaround. Why you still don't have this solution...
  6. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    In the current NCsoft Classic release from level 10 you loose exactly 10% if you die and you are on more than 10% of your current level. If you are on less than 10% of your current level - like 9 or below - you delevel with more than 10% and you are on the previous level.. One more fact - from 21 level on 5% got to 89% on level 20. I don't know if anyone reached level 40 to say it's different. One more thing - with this classic release Ncsoft said it should be 4% - doesn't matter the level. Well fake news..
  7. You can't be more wrong. On lv 21 on 5% died and deleveled to lv 20 on 89%. How about that?
  8. If this is true ..

    @Juji @Hime I was in party yesterday with my husband farming some quest. He was lv 21 on 5%. He died. He deleveled and he was 89% on lv 20. What the actually hell? This is 5% back from lv 21 and 11% from lv 20! Are you for real? How do you expect ANYONE to play this game and do PVP if he know he can go back few levels like that? Just ridiculous..
  9. 10% XP lost upon death?!

    10% XP lost upon death?! What happened with the 4% no matter what?!!!
  10. When the server opened it was 3 AM here.....
  11. Launch pack

    Look here: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/2766-classic-launch-packs-faq/
  12. Othell with Dex Setup vs Str

    Well.. after the patch I don't have any observations. But I remember that from the patch info they said mastery rate is nerfed to 400% not 100. Personally I have 80 Dex and 131 Str. I no longer use Str or Dex fish stew - the P.atk stews are better.
  13. Level that nerf instances

    For Balok the maximum pt lv to have a decent drop is max 101- 102. Same for Tauti.
  14. Enchant Lucky !!! :D

    How much luck do you have with the nano supplement?
  15. Othell with Dex Setup vs Str

    Also have in mind that you need accuracy to be able to hit mob or player higher than your level or you will see often "avoid.. miss" in your log. Dex influence accuracy as well.