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  1. Are there no rules for them?

    Yep, I saw the debuff and made me wander...
  2. Yes, also, why there is no option to delete mail without reading it or block the sender??
  3. Main trickster, changing Dual class

    So,any update? Did they help you to restore your cloak?
  4. Othell guide for starter 85-106

    Yes, this is the way to go in AP when the level is high. I'm 107 and also added 1 point in accuracy to land more successfully skills on higher lv mobs.
  5. Othell guide for starter 85-106

    Sure, it is actual. I personally go in Skill critical tree for AP and I maintain 80-82 DEX and above 140 STR.
  6. Same, I have items in AH with minus timer.. nor I can place anything else for auction.. Tested from different accounts.
  7. Main trickster, changing Dual class

    Open ticket to support and explain them the problem. You need the original cloak for your dual. My dual used to be spoiler with main othell GH and when I reawakened my dual I had in inventory dagger cloak but the cloak actually belonged to my main and the one I needed was in my WH. They look the same and the names are the same but they are not. So I took the one from the wh and changed successfully. If this is not your case ask support to send you new cloak if possible.
  8. Main trickster, changing Dual class

    2 options: 1st - wait red libra to keep the level of your dual but you need to pay adena(or Gem R). I won't reccomend this because your dual is 101. 2. Go in Talking island and speak with npc Raina - choose the second option for reawakening and choose class and race. Your dual will be reset to 85. You will need few hours to level it up to 101 again as archer.
  9. Main trickster, changing Dual class

    Yes you can have as dual class archer as well.
  10. Advice to improve my damage.

    Farm it in Dimentional Warp (DW). Instance zone from Faeron village. There is a quest for that.
  11. Advice to improve my damage.

    From what I see nobody told you to go in Heine and to speak with Lionel to get the exalted rewards for lv 1 and 2. You will get dragon shirt and lv3 jewels from there plus extras.
  12. Othell Guide 106 + with 20bi to invest

    You need to invest in weapon.You have 2 options: Buy R110 dagger and make it above +4. Add 2 SA, make it first 300 attribute (450 is hard and expensive for now but it's a must when you have more adena).To enhance it you need 5b adena + Gem R 1406 + 17 Elcyum (roughly 17b to enhance it). Yeah it's a slow process but it's worth it. Another option is to buy any type blessed r99 overenchanted (+8 or more) , add 2 SAs , make it 300 attribute, switch it on red libra for dagger and you need 6b to make it bloody type. For the jewels - read the forum.
  13. Othell Fortune Seeker questions

    What is stopping you just to add it in your macro? It's one line more and I'm sure you have place for it. This buff is important for you and your party members.
  14. Othell guide 107+ Pve/PvP

    I talk in general because this topic is for pvp/pve But have in mind that the crit dmg from this ring is added to all blow type skills of the dagger. Anyway someone who has the both rings needs to do the test.
  15. Othell guide 107+ Pve/PvP

    Well.. boost your stun with one pvp earring and don't let him hit you. You can kill him, but you need to hit hard to compensate the 95% reduction of your dmg because of the shield. To achieve that you need DEX - 80 is ok for othell. With less than that you can't do HK.