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We have to talk about the lag!!!

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Seriously, this isn't funny @Juji and @Arctic we need to have this lag fixed!!!!

We can't properly enjoy the event this way! NC farms millions of dollars from players, how come they can't guarantee a stable server during an event they made for players to fully enjoy?

Come on, this has gone too far. It's absurd to let it continue until the event ends, we can't have a month of this!!

Is NC even looking at fixing it or are they ignoring it completely? Today is the worst day, 20++ seconds for an action to go through!!!

Fix lags and crashes already.

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lag that leads to dcs every now and then.... especially around these hours right now.  and no. dandy balls arent gonna cut it. at LEAST the kinda compensation you provided last time with the cakes and the erupting pots per character.

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mistake was make free event for 105lvl (some people have 50-200 105 lvl acc) . free events must to be from 110lvl - and not will be any lags. simple.

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