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  1. Well I am a noob hehe. But also good geared ppl got some good stuff in those events. Which then created lot of drama on chat because some ppl thought Mon is giving away stuff only to his friends, clanies etc. I guess Mon was on preasure at some point. I remember once there was an event - find me and tell: please give me X item. I was there first but Mon got angry and told me I needed to say the exact words he mentioned before. Was a bit in a rush and done some typo again while another bloke came and got the reward. I guess Mon got fed up dealing with pms like: why u give away to th
  2. He made events where ppl needed to find him (most of time realy easy locations) and get rewards. I think best reward was 50b adena. I personally got Explorer pack, aquamarine LVL 4, greater rune stone and some other rewards for participating. Long ago helped me and another guy to do dimensional warp for few hours. Roxx probably disagrees but Mon seems like a nice a guy.
  3. The blue mark casted on mob recovers mana
  4. Well need to have understanding on game mechanics. On naia I farmed 6 boxes on archer char.
  5. Here in UK no issues. Been running the game without dc since the maintenance.
  6. My favourite is Yul Ghost Sentinel because its strong and DE is best looking race. BlueBabyYoda - Naia
  7. BlueBabyYoda - Naia Looking for el cheapo deals on AH
  8. Also I am curious why NC West don't advertise L2 or Aion on their main web. Just blade and soul, Guildwars and guildwars 2 and Fuser
  9. dunno, done full buff solo 80 boxes 2 days ago on archer and today as trio (dd+2x iss) done 100 together. I think i am even lower than mid gear.
  10. Also be ready to get better content, Nc Korea increasing wages. https://mmoculture.com/2021/03/ncsoft-new-financial-increments-for-employees-and-new-hires-announced/
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