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Change of Dethrone time


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Short and simple:

- switch Dethrone times so it fits 1 week to Chronos ppl and 1 week to Naia ppl

- make all pvp zones with mobs to none pvp zone (the ones who rly wanna pvp can still do it at the entrance)


Right now there is a huge disadvantage for Naia playerbase and therefor a big advantage for Chronos players.

You can see that on the points + numbers of Chronos players entering dethrone. Compare that with the numbers of Naia players.

Most ppl i know don't even bother to enter to 2 facts:



it starts at midnight, ends at 5 in the morning. So most not even awake at midnight and/or do not wanna miss the hours from 5 a clock until they wake up not gaining xp


Some Chronos players use the dehtrone time in their advantage to kill sleeping players of Naia in the none peace zone or to step over to parties in the peace zone with their higher lvl chars.

Making it impossible to get good xp and do a fair fight btw. the servers for the dethrone rankings.

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Times are really stupid for dethroned its shouldn't be like this , middle of the day  that's when its should be not midnight,

As nobody even goes to pvp areas and dethroned is dead , ppl just leaving toons in non pvp areas even if its 10lvl lower mobs just to be able to farm all night...

In my case it starts 23.00 (i know I'm not in servers GMT i got few hours diff chronos) 

I'm one of the many who don't even bother going to dethroned its more safe to leave toon somewhere else for a night..

But totally agree midnight dethroned is craziest thing ever , 0 action and you rely on others when leaving toon and going for a sleep.

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