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Infinity Beast Soulshots for Summoners


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Hi, some ideas to make Summoners more playable

- INFINITY BEAST SOULSHOTS like infinity arrows for Yuls (the master still needs Blessed Spiritshots)

- REMOVE one SUMMON: if the reason to nerf 4 summons to 2 summons in the past was adress the lag issues, make another nerf to 1 summon, but increase his power, maybe one summon with new levels to 111, 112, 113 until 120 could be a simple solution to the problem here.

- if INFINITY BEAST SOULSHOTS if not possible, maybe consider to SHARE the same SPIRITSHOTS from the masters, i think the summoners can´t farm easily because they can´t create Soulshots, and when Beast Soulshots and Blessed Spiritshots from the master are on the bag, red heavy overweight !  


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12 hours ago, Pernambuquinho said:

Try add skill summon beast soulshot in your macro.
If u aren't a summoner consider change your dual class for summoner.

Skill Summon Beast Soulshoot? where i can find it ? 

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