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"Tornado Shot" skill


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Its like an amror piercing arrow? lol.

I target C but they are behind mobs A and B it hits everything it passes through to C.  Its an obnoxious skill that really has no use just like knockdown arrow outdated skills that need an overhaul to be useful again, slow shot I only use in Olympiad to kite tanks.  So not worth upgrading.

Bow strike is nice quick stun alternate if impact is reloading, I do use it sometimes as a 2nd stun.

So quick shot, pinpoint, impact, multi arrow, arrow rain and phoniex arrow are main skills to upgrade.

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its simple put on your hot bar and first time it cycles through your macro hit correspond key 6 for example target the ground where you want to hit.

After that the macro will proceed with targeting the same location over and over till you terminate it.

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