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  1. You confuse the normal roses with the a Brilliant Roses. Normal roses from Castilia. Brilliant from the loot boxes in L2 Store.
  2. Yes i have exactly the same problem. Suddenly L2 window disappears. I had 3 times that problem the first day after upgraded to W11, and then almost 1 time per day....
  3. What is this? A bug? https://youtu.be/4YTfNGvOz6o
  4. You nerfed the adena in TOI, IOS and didn't tell anything.... You nerfed the drops in Primeval Island as well. Why you play with us so badly? In every update you rearrange the adena drop. Why why why?
  5. Νow that the patch notes have appeared on the page, did anyone read if the stones are removed from the Store? I, who looked at it a little hastily, did not read anything ...
  6. Personally i will not buy anything. I have no money, and if i had i wouldn't do that. If I lose as a player, they lose as a company.
  7. No Iam afraid not. I still do not make sense. Also what is magazines? Like these newsstands sell?
  8. Archers dual is archer again. Your goal is to go 110 asap.
  9. My advice is a bit complicated. It all has to do with the direction you will give to your toon. Archers must develop 2 abilities: P Skill Critical Damage and P. Skill Critical Rate. Unfortunately only with Critical Damage can you kill mobs. Because your goal is to kill mobs with 1 hit on iOS, Storm, Primeval. If you are a small level and want to kill equivalent or slightly larger monsters, go with Critical Rate. If you grow up and have smaller mobs to kill, go with Power, because you will have Critical on smaller mobs anyway. But beyond that, you need to strengthen your toon with things that w
  10. Sorry friend i don't understand your English .. What's the "players are clogged with magazines"?
  11. Why do this? They get thousands of dollars from these Stones...
  12. Can someone explains me the "story" of Lineage Classic and Live servers, and how we get here? I was in Gustin - C3, but i stopped playing for around 6-7 years. I remember the top level was 78 or something around 80. When i came back, last September, i start from 85, without subclasses, and i find out that there was an other "Classic" server that has many more things in common with my old memories... What happened these 6 years that i was in a "coma"? Who decide for me where to go?
  13. Pagan temple... What a nice place to XP. I spent my most romantic L2 years in the playing with real friends... Is there any thought to activate it / upgrade it in the next updates?
  14. Europe Down? Friends in Romania are disconnected but not my friends from US...
  15. Repost : Summer Sale - Isle of Souls Time Recharge Stone Summer Sale - Primeval Isle Time Recharge Stone Summer Sale - Storm Isle Time Recharge Stone Summer Sale - Abandoned Coal Mines Time Recharge Stone Summer Sale - Otherworldly Atelia Refinery Time Recharge Stone Lv. 96 or higher Limit 10 purchase per day but in game we can't buy, it says 1 per 10 days.. we lose everyday this sale...
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