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  1. Can someone explains me the "story" of Lineage Classic and Live servers, and how we get here? I was in Gustin - C3, but i stopped playing for around 6-7 years. I remember the top level was 78 or something around 80. When i came back, last September, i start from 85, without subclasses, and i find out that there was an other "Classic" server that has many more things in common with my old memories... What happened these 6 years that i was in a "coma"? Who decide for me where to go?
  2. Pagan temple... What a nice place to XP. I spent my most romantic L2 years in the playing with real friends... Is there any thought to activate it / upgrade it in the next updates?
  3. Europe Down? Friends in Romania are disconnected but not my friends from US...
  4. Repost : Summer Sale - Isle of Souls Time Recharge Stone Summer Sale - Primeval Isle Time Recharge Stone Summer Sale - Storm Isle Time Recharge Stone Summer Sale - Abandoned Coal Mines Time Recharge Stone Summer Sale - Otherworldly Atelia Refinery Time Recharge Stone Lv. 96 or higher Limit 10 purchase per day but in game we can't buy, it says 1 per 10 days.. we lose everyday this sale...
  5. Reading the comments of the players in here, I understand that these programs speed up the / attack and skills in the game. So I feel like I want to say 2 things: First, if that really happens, it means that the skills of the players have room to become faster, so the reuse time of these skills tends to the actual reuse time that players with the items and subscription purchases they have made. It is very unfair for someone to have bought the Prestige Pack (or any other item) and not get the full -20% Skill Reuse Time. And secondly, that in this way we eliminate the in game lag. So it's a
  6. You raise the amount of adena, only in IOS 107. You almost double it. But leave unchanged the IOS 112 area. Now its not worth it to play in 112 area, due to harder mobs and all ppl xp in 107 area. Did you forget to raise the adena in 112 ?
  7. Iam a Tyrr Dreadnaught and I wear Light for PVE. It gives much more things than Heavy : Skil Mastery, Vampiric Rage, Speed, Skill Cooldown, Heal amount. I think Heavy is for PVP/Oly due to Higher P.Defence.
  8. That depends on you. And how big is your wallet. Everything is possible if you invest 4000-5000-6000 euros/$. If we dont know what are you able to spend, how can we help you ?
  9. Can someone explains me that Archer skill? It's a little complicated... https://photos.app.goo.gl/VMHw5zTwQVwtwXDK7
  10. Instead of raising up a little the Adena drop in Atelia (you get the same amount as IoP but the mobs are x5 times harder), you reduce in 112 area.... Which genius think of that?
  11. You sell everything, except the Spear You're gonna quit the game friend?
  12. When my ISS targets me, it comes so close to me, that some times mobs kill him. My macro starts with : /target MeddlingMageGR /useskillstand Healing Melody /delay 3 Is there a way, my ISS target me from a distance?
  13. Regarding the new Prestige Pack, I was waiting something more about Adena... To drop adena from each mob that is killed. Not 1/3.
  14. Iam very dissapointed too. And NCSOFT asks money for the dump Chocolate Box Set. No NC. Only Prestige (maybe and Destiny pack) and I will think about it again for both of them. If I cant XP, why to spend money in Chocolates ?
  15. I was the "King of the Hill"... soloing with my ISS in Mahum with Top-Gear, and now, back again to Tanor.... You make it very difficult boys
  16. Of course its working. I check it now from 2 different browsers. Copy the link and paste it in your browser.
  17. Because he find out that he had to spend thaousands of money, and still was one-hit-down.
  18. My toon is a Dreadnought. I dont know if I have to laugh or to cry... Look what fcking skill Maestro get, and what we get!!! https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipP150jU77CVxZSDb-wdIptIW95iY7L-AyrdSWsO
  19. If you have that buff to a second weapon, you cant do something more... The best is to place it in your main weapon. So you dont have to change all the time. Especially if you play 24 hours, its impossible to activate auto-hunting system, and have acticated an other macro simultaneously.
  20. And what items are these ? Rings? Jewellers? Artifacts ?
  21. That's true. I have noticed it by myself. I wish they fix it.
  22. Even Google Translate cant translate your writings.... What do you want to say? Be more specific plz....
  23. Sorry to ask... What is skill CD you wrote? What does it means that?
  24. 2 bugs that are really very annoying... I suppose it is well known, but I don't know why the do not fix them... First when you change from main to dual class, all your agathions are "disarmed" and placed in the inventory. Why? This is not happened with artifacts or jewelers. Why Especially the agathions? And a second one... Since we do not use arrows anymore, why the message "you run out of arrows" is still there and we hear it all the time? Of course we can disable the game speech, but we see the message in the upper window...
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