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Changing Dark armor to bloody armor made my elegia appearance disappear! There should have been some way to save them!

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On march 13 i purchased 1280 nccoin for Blessed Appearance scroll. Today i changed my robes to bloody and my very hard to get elegia robe appearance disappear! My augments, SA enchantment, elemental attributes all intact, but the appearance disappear! It was not mentioned on the patch notes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   There is no reason why the appearance should disappear and i didn't notice till a few hours later that it was gone!

Its not alot of money but its the principal!  if i knew it was going to disappear i would have waited 3 days because it was not in the patch notes!
Please put the appearance back on the armor or refund me 1280 nccoin or refund me the 5 scrolls so i can go reapply it again. ticket #23897996 

This also happened to my feoh that had the 18 year Elegant hanbok appearance that you cannot get back !  Ticket #23897998 There should be some way to save our paid appearances!  Please help!

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