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Help for Dual Class


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Hi guys, I'm undecided on my dual. I have the main Phoenix Knigt 102, all set pdef and hp, set pve +8 and blunt 1 hand pve 3 SA (HP-HP / ATK.SPEED AND SIGEL) my dual is Hell Knight lvl 100 set with tattoos STR and AP warrior . With the transformation and the panther I can do some faction alone, but with a lot of effort. Is it okay to cambaire with the titan? My doubt arises because I should change armor from defens to attack and I do not want to change the dual skills and the sub skil that the main and the diver share. On dual titan I would use a two-handed tauti, I would not have a titan that does little damage like hell knight.
What do you recommend?
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if you're low on budget a logical option would be ISS as then you could just keep use the same armor & weapon but obviously you should only go that way if you enjoy playing another support class 

alternatively you could go with Tyr Warrior as then at least you can use the hvy armor even though light armor is the best for Tyr's they do have masteries for Hvy

if you want to play a desired / popular DPS class then be prepared to invest in second sets of armor & weapons as then your options are basically either Archer or Mage and either has complete different types of gear then your main tank

so tell us more about what you had in mind yourself and which classes you've tried out before aka you know you like to play as no point to choose a class you hate as by the time you reach lvl100 you will want to delete it :P

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