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Interpretation mistakes cause 4 Black Tickets - GUARDIAN Server...

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To our most excellent, dignified, magnanimous, beloved, adored, acclaimed, exceptionally benevolent (hopefully) ADMIN's and/or GM's @Hermes, @Primali, @GM_dufo, @GM_NCA... and many others who grace us with the privilege of enjoying all the fun received through this wonderful game called Lineage 2, Aden, and the utopian server GUARDIAN, I come through this post as a humble and flawed human being, a pitiful player to plead for your intervention in the face of a text interpretation mistake. Upon receiving the first ATENDENCE BOX, I noticed the classic and well-exposed warning that it would be only 1 (one) per account. However, I thought that this limitation would be restricted to the server scope, and once I have taken 1 box on a server (such as BLACKBIRD), I could take a new box on the GUARDIAN server. Foolish mistake! Cataclysmic failure! Novice mistake! Condemn me! At the end of my journey through ATENDENCE, I noticed that I only possessed 4 Black Tickets/Coupons on the GUARDIAN server, as I made the foolish mistake of taking the first one on BLACKBIRD. I beg for the divine providence of the administration and your mercy! Do not condemn me and other players to the ordeal of watching our hard-earned 4 TICKET's/COUPONS disappear at the end of the event without having taken the much-needed book on the GUARDIAN server. In the name of the joy brought by the success of the server allied with your mercy, I ask that you include a way to obtain 1, one, and only one ticket.

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Só me resta apelar a oração mais poderosa que eu conheço: O versinho de João Grilo no filme "O Auto da Compadecida", versão para GM/Admin:


Valha-me @Wissp, NC L2 Team! A vaca mansa dá leite, a braba dá quando quer. A mansa dá sossegada, a braba levanta o pé. Já fui barco, fui navio, agora sou escaler. Já fui menino, fui homem, só me falta ser mulher. Valha-me @Wissp, NC L2 Team!

English version:


Help me out, @Wissp, NC L2 Team! The gentle cow gives milk, the wild one gives it when she wants. The gentle one gives it peacefully, the wild one kicks up her leg. I've been a boat, I've been a ship, now I'm a skiff. I've been a boy, I've been a man, the only thing left is to be a woman. Help me out, @Wissp, NC L2 Team!


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Just to emphasize how possible it is to be misled, I'd like to mention the example of the item "Newbie Growth Kit Lv. 1" available in the L2 Store. It can be obtained for 0 adena and is limited to 1 purchase per account. However, I was able to purchase it on both the Blackbird and Guardian servers. My main character was able to get all 5 black tickets/coupons, but some of my alts and other players I've talked to only got 4 and are at serious risk of not being able to complete the book. I kindly request that the administration be understanding or at least respond to this issue.


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On 4/19/2023 at 11:19 PM, Grundor said:

A few months ago we started this event that will finish on May 16th.


The Highest price announce was a doll box with 5 coins.

We were able to collect 4 until now, and in less than a month to finish the event was edited to require 6 coins without any notice.



So I ask, where is the premier coins ?

Just a quick update, I wanted to share the topic I created above where we have a very similar situation to what we're currently experiencing on the GUARDIAN server, where we're on the verge of losing all our progress without anyone responding or even confirming if our nightmare is inevitable. I recently contacted player support, who informed me that they can't "give out items for free" and that all I can do is follow the topic I created and hope someone in charge responds. Did I fate my character to have the name of a Blue Lantern? Tune in next time to find out.

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They usually not reply at "personal subject" topics, I recommend using the ticket support to make personal requests and using the forum to chat more widely about the gameplay and community.

But I agree with some of your points, today I lost one of my companions because they denied transferring the last black cupom from BB to Guardian because it was taken on Blackbird before Guardian and they share the account limitations, and there are no warnings about that anywhere. 

For example, special craft and shop as account limitations items but they don't share the limit between servers.


A friend shared with me the last messages of her ticket:



Dear NCSOFT Support Team,

Thank you for your previous response regarding my request for an extra Black Cupon. While I understand the reasons for denying my request, I still would like to provide some additional information and ask for your reconsideration.

Firstly, I want to apologize if I came across as persistent or demanding in my previous messages. I am simply very passionate about playing Lineage 2 and would love to have the same opportunities as other players to acquire the 3-stars Cupom.

Regarding the issue of fairness to other players, I completely understand and respect the need to maintain balance and equality in the game. However, I believe my situation is unique due to the lack of clear communication regarding the Attendance Check being shared between the different Aden servers. This lack of warning may have misled me and potentially other players as well, resulting in a disadvantage.

Additionally, I would like to point out that the Black Cupon event is coming to an end soon, and there is no other way to acquire it. As a dedicated player of Lineage 2, I would appreciate it if you could make an exception and provide an extra Black Cupon for my character {{REDACTED}}on the Guardian server. I assure you that this would not create any unfair advantage for me or other players.

I hope you can reconsider my request and provide a positive resolution to this issue. Thank you for your time and understanding.

Best regards,

Their last reply:



Hi {redacted},
This is Wraith, one of the Seniors here.
We do understand why this is important for you (and to other players as well). We'll certainly take note of your feedback about the current Attendance Check event and relay it to the relevant departments.
However, after deliberating this thoroughly with multiple teams, we've decided that this is not something that we'll do for any player in the Guardian server at this point. I'm sorry if the outcome of this request was not favorable for you, but we can only ask for your understanding on this matter. With that said, please note that further requests to have your Black Coupon transferred may only receive the same response from us.
Nevertheless, please don't hesitate send a new ticket should you have other inquiries or requests.

Senior GM Wraith
NCSOFT Support Team



As a result she quit the game and returned to another game because it's a simple task, a simple request to fix an issue that the NCwest team caused without any reparation.


It sadly but the service quality of NCWest have been dropping and dropping in the last years.


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