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Hello, I want to know if the items, which we receive in the daily event after 30 minutes, I can use them after day 26 or they are deleted if I do not use them before? Thank you


Hola quiero saber si los items ,que recibimos en el evento diario después de 30 minutos los puedo usar despues del dia 26 o se borran si no los use antes?? gracias

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In the page description:http://www.lineage2.com/en/news/events/dancing-cat-login-rewards-aug-2018.php

You have: "The Attendance Rare Accessory Box (7-day) will be deleted on October 10, 2018."

"Pa'agrio's Blessing - EXP - Will be deleted when the event ends."

So, if you can, I would advise you to spend these XP boosts, during the cat buff event xD

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