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Why cant i just play the game without being pked?


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For me, what I enjoy, is setting up my characters and optimizing them.
I like setting them up for an extended period, adjusting macros, maxing my damage etc etc.

So after about an 8-month break I setup my characters in a group in a Necropolis. 

  • Within 1 hour I was dead.
  • Reset
  • 30 minutes pass and again everyone dead
  • Close game. /quit

This is the exact reason I stopped playing last time.

Why are we forced to be pvp active?
Why cant it be like BDO where its based on your clan and war status?
Why arent we allowed to play the game as we choose to, this concept of one size fits all is obsolete.

Anyway, NCSoft dont care. The game is a husk of its former self. This will fall upon deaf ears.

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Same here. 

Started a few years ago. Every few months I come back to play a little and go off again after being pked non stop in lvl60+ spots. (Everyone says its beacuse of war(?)

The  commmunity expressed in the feedback post over 70% pf people is looking for pve.... so, not gicving any penalty to aggressive players is ignoring your client. 

More common sense and less game design please :)  


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