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Hi everybody,

I have created an Ertheya mage character to be able to learn Alchemy skills. Why? I have a main tank char and i want to create Legendary dyes lvl.5 CON+5 CHA+5 as it is hard to find it on the market. And i see that in order to learn this skill for level 5 which is a Master level I need an item called "Alchemic Tome: Dye". I googled it and found only old posts which are saying it is dropping from Valakas, Helios, etc. 

So, my question is: anyone has by chance in WH this Alchemic tome for sale or anyone knows how to get it in-game nowadays ? 

Thank you in advance.

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On 11/25/2023 at 5:48 AM, Miff said:

Hello Sayha Seers from Naia or Chronos, UP!

I cannot believe there is nobody left in this game who has the knowledge about Alchemy :)

I missed a chance to buy a couple of the master Alchemic Tomes years ago... before they were removed from several normal drops.


I don't know if this drop list is accurate for our servers???

You could get by with Lv 4 Dyes Crafted to CON +5 CHA +4... but your Clan needs a Fortress and gets on to Isabella Raid.



What I am learning  nowadays, Alchemy is bloody slow... it wasn't always this pokey was it?   could we get a checkbox to skip the theatrics? 

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On 12/1/2023 at 8:41 PM, Miff said:

OK. looks like no way to learn Master Alchemy now.

Another question: are there any Seers on Naia with CON+5 CHA+5 learned ? 

I would pay for services to craft it


Lv. 5 Legendary CON Dye (Charisma) CON +5/ CHA +5 requires: 

1) 2pc x Lv. 5 Legendary CON Dye CON +5/ STR +1/ Dark Attack Resistance +25

2) 1pc x Lv. 5 Windy CHA Dye CHA +5

3) 1 pc x Tempest Stone

...and could fail. It's NOT a 100% craft.

Bearing in mind NCsoft success rates % 😆 Who is going to take your materials and craft for you and give you back 1 or 2 pc or even nothing.

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