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Green weapon ticket vanished


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Need to be more specific about what you need and also give more details...

Are you just informing something?

Do you need to know or do something?

Your post sounds like something similar to "there was someday in the past I read a book"  :S

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On 1/7/2024 at 1:16 PM, Sundvik said:

I had a green ticket in my inv that would allow me to change it into a weapon but it vanished.  My char is lvl 101

If you mean the Challenger Weapon Coupon, you got from the Blessed Exalted Armor bundles... that item is paid for so you should contact support(the Free version of the bundle during Red Libra did not have the Weapon Coupon).


The Challenger Weapon could be upgraded with another green Ticket... but even the upgraded Challenger Weapon is pointless(it's better than Apocalypse +0)... the Basic Exalted Weapon is better.

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