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Race question

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No, You are now Death Knight(a specialized, restricted Class)... a specialized Human model, if you change to a non-restricted Class you will change to a Human Male Fighter model  with Face type: A , Hairstyle: A, Hair Color: A. (your Appearance on Dual Class)

Only if you change to a restricted class will you change Race and even gender automatically. Restricted Classes include:

TYRR Maestro... you will become a Dwarf(same gender)

ISS Dominator... you will become an Orc Mystic(same gender)

Eviscerator... you will become Ertheia(forced to female)

Sayha Seer... you will become Ertheia(forced to female)

Shinemaker... you will become Dwarf(forced to female)with Shinemaker exclusive Appearance.

and of course... 

Death Knight... you will become Human(forced to male)with Death Knight exclusive Appearance.


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