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Will the textures be "classic" ?


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Just out of curiousity , will we have the original textures before C2 textures came out ? Such as the B Grade all looking like Salamander and Doom Daggers for Dark Screamers / Demon Swords etc? 


That would be pretty nostalgic. :D

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Drake light looks like salamander.

Samurai Long swords look like Katanas.

There are Top B weapons that weren't there for a long time in the original.

Some things are old, somethings are new like Gladi and WL geting in ranged stuns.

You need to dive in deep on your research.

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The answer to your question is in the official FAQ:


Q: What is the difference between the Classic server and what we have now?
Many of the graphical and technical improvements that players enjoy in Lineage II today are maintained in Classic, while the available races, classes, leveling experience, and systems are reminiscent of an era before the release of Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction.  ...


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