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Necro / AW / PR


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HI all.
I got dilemma which class to start and what support take on box please advice me. I would like to handle PvE and be usefull in party.
I  want to choose one from three class.

1. Necromancer + SE,
2. Abyss Walker + WC,

3.Phantom Ranger + WC.

Which class will be most desired in clans ?

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Necromancer + SE would be the best choice for 1.5 gameplay. Also necro's always will be OP as hell because of insane debuffs and transfer pain.

Daggers are completely useless at the start and PR is fine but you're supposed to pick PP instead WC for being your box. 

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Necro + SE is a good combo.

Also if you want to go AW or PR, box a PP instead of WC. PP can heal and give you zerk + bless the soul/body. True is, you wont get vampiric rage...but you can get it with Fish Stew for a quite low price (10-50 stews if i'm not wrong...while the zerk one is 150-200+). And if you go PR you wont even need it.

Nukers are good since start 'cause they will learn 3 different nukes while levelling (Necros will go Wind strike > Blaze > Death spike) but that's their main dmg skill. And they get it from the start (1 - 20 - and Death spike since 44, but you can still PVE with Blaze 'till that level).
Archers will start being good at level 34 where they will learn Stun Shot. And will get better at 40 with Double shot + Hex (if you go PR).
Daggers are the worst between them...BUT...we already know what will come after the 1.5.
Daggers will get improvements such as higher power on skills, Hide not decreasing speed, etc etc...but for daggers to be SERIOUSLY strong/OP you must wait 'till 3rd class. Once you'll get Focus power/death and Lethal blow...that's where the daggers start to rock. 

As for buffers, the only reason why i'd rather pick a WC over a PP is 'cause once the 3rd class is available they got CoV which is by far better than any other Prophecy buff. But once again, that's how things will work LATER on. 
So i'd rather go for a nuker/archer rather than dagger for the 1.5.
Eventually, once xp will get easier with the new patches, you may think of rerolling the main DD since you will already have high level buffers. 

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