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It is very few characters that is able to hunt fully alone. As a minimum you need buffs and depending on your buffs and class you might also need heals and recharges (mana).

But a tank is good for group play and you will be able to party up with other people. Your DPS will be relatively low so hunting alone is not advised.

If you want a class that can hunt alone (with buffs) then look into damage dealer classes like archers or melee dps. Mages require support as well to hunt effectively since their mana will run out very fast alone.

If you want to go tank then I believe Dark Avenger is the best one for solo play but it is also a bit expensive to play with it as the panther costs crystals to summon.

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Tanks can "solo" with a buffer as easily as any other melee up until 40, then a c-grade weapon gives you a boost until the 50's then your exp rate is going to drop. Additionally at higher level, parties are going to expect you to have a CON build at the expense of your DPS so your solo'ing ability will drop far below efficient levels.

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