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Returning player, a few questions


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I'm returning after a couple of year, and after I've logged I just found a couple of chars without gear, I think back in the day I used to play they are using shadow itens, or itens from the old path of awakening, so I ended with chars in a variable range of levels without gear.

The question is, how can I gear up this chars without spending millions buy gear from action houses? I know there is a couple of new quest that reward paulina's, but there is some chars that are out of the range to do this quest by exemple I have this Sword Muse lvl82 he cant do the quest for S grade since I've already did the 3rd class quest, so there is any way to equip this chars?

If anyone can list ways to gear up different grades(from B to S) I will be really grateful.

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3 hours ago, Uriel831 said:

Depend on it for what you need several chars. Focus on main and 1 support.

1. option: D-S grade gear was in Giran-Luxury shop for adena

2. auction house

3. L2store Paulina 30 days for 1NCcoin

Actually Paulina R grade 30-day cost 80 ncoins ... All the other Paulina Sets C to S cost 1ncoin and they are not shadow items... You will have them forever ..

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