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Looking for Clan (Giran server)


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Hello so i'm kinda returning player , don't play Lineage 2 like 2 or 3 years., now when i see official server comes out with classic , ill wanna try to join in this :)

So i'm looking Clan who play in Giran server since i'm from Lithuania , server gmt is perfect for me.

p.s i start play with chronicle pack and VIP 4., still thinking what to play., ( but mostly thinking about summoner/destro not sure yet)

p.s.s On server start i have chance to play like 10-15 hours in a day its be 2-3 weeks , and later on ill keep playing like 3-6 hours.

p.s.s.s Looking for more CLAN not some CP's based simply clan who get some nice ppl who make party's etc. Also if u got some offer to me what to play etc u can try wrote me maybe ill be interested.

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